Interview with Model Christine Olyer

In today’s post, I had the pleasure of interviewing model and actress, Christine Olyer. Christine and I go way back. We met as actresses in a local dinner theater company in Denver. It’s funny because we only worked together on one production, but we connected and have stayed friends ever since. Our lives have taken us in very separate directions, and sometimes years have passed between us where we haven’t been in touch, but through it all, I’ve always considered her one of my dearest friends.

I was fortunate to have Christine as the creative editor on my first book, Set It Free, in the Heart & Soul series. Her suggestions were amazing and the way she coached me really pushed me as a writer, in the most wonderful way.

Christine has had a pretty awesome career as a model and actress. Her most recent experience is working as a mature model. She is now living in Rome, Italy. For the moment, her modeling career is on pause, but I don’t think she’s done yet. She’s beautiful inside and out and any designer would be lucky to have her.

I really wish I had a picture of us from our dinner theater days, but I don’t. So… I guess her gorgeous modeling pictures will have to suffice. Make yourself comfortable, pour an espresso and indulge in a Biscotti as you read, and enjoy!


Special thanks to Kaya Munn for the use of her photos of Christine. Take a look at her website to see more of her work.

You’ve worked as both an actress and a model. Which one came first for you and why?

My first professional gig was as a model. I was 16 years old in Salem, OR and I really wanted to model fashion. So in this little city not only did I act in High School and get awarded “most dramatic senior” but I found my first opportunities walking the runway!

Which do you prefer, acting or modeling?

I prefer modeling and I am embarrassed to tell you why! The reality of acting is memorization and I have a huge struggle memorizing my lines. I love improv because you don’t have to memorize the lines word for word and you can react in the moment. I did a Shakespeare play and it took me hours of work each day to memorize the lines, which definitely had to be word for word; however, it is the show I am most proud of and I had a blast performing the role of Helena!

We’ve known each other for over 20 years… wow! In that time, I’ve seen you rock a vibrant red hair color, a rich auburn brown, and now you’ve embraced your natural silver/platinum. Which color did you like best?

I like my natural hair color best and there are many reasons:

  • It feels great accepting myself just as I am
  • Women find me more approachable
  • Men were so creepy to me when I was a redhead
  • Silver is the trend and it always feels good to be “on trend”
  • Dying my hair was ruining my hair texture
  • I hated seeing my ‘roots’
  • Silver is a standout even if it makes me look even more ‘mature’ than I am
  • I get compliments from strangers almost every time I go out on my hair color
  • My hairstylist here in Rome says that there is no way to duplicate my hair color
  • My hubby finds it sexy (is that weird?)

When and why did you decide to stop coloring your hair and go Au natural? How did it make you feel?

I had a plan to stop coloring my hair when I turned 50 and when my birthday came, I wasn’t ready. So, after traveling to Germany and seeing a magnificent head of silver hair, I was convinced! I got home from Germany, and waited until my roots were about an inch grown out and I had my stylist cut my hair to a pixie length. Oddly enough, there was still some red on the tips, which garnered so many compliments. “I love your tips” was a frequent compliment from women and this was entirely new to me. I had almost never received compliments on my hair from women. Up until this point, most women wouldn’t approach me. And as I let my hair grow, it took about two more cuts to get all of the red out, the more women were verbally supportive of me and my hair! I developed many more friendships. I like to think that the more I accepted myself as God made me, the more comfortable women were with me. I think women are so tuned into confidence and integrity and they gravitate towards others who are in turn confident and acting with integrity. Sorry, that was a really long answer!

Blue/violet shampoos are what I always recommend to keep grays vibrant and to prevent yellowing/brassiness. Do you use a specialty shampoo? Which one?

So I have relied on your advice for my hair a few times in my life and you have never steered me wrong! I am a blonde, who grew into dirty dishwater blonde, then to ash brown-brunette (like so many of us), my hair has silver, white, ashy gray, ashy brown, (now you see why my hairdresser says you can’t duplicate it) – meaning that some strands of hair look ashy or yellowed – that’s normal and that is beautiful with creams, ecrus, and off-whites – don’t let anyone tell you that it’s unattractive! That said, products can and do dull hair and using a violet shampoo really makes a platinum/gray/silver/white hair color sing! I use what you have recommended to me Brooke, Monat Colour Enhance Perfectly Platinum Shampoo and Conditioner (I am sorry that this sounds like an advertisement!) I have used other brands with great results – here’s the difference for me with the Monat product – it is stronger – I don’t have to use it as frequently as the other brands I have used in the past. I use it once a month – I know, that sounds ridiculous – and it keeps my hair shiny and the color bright without any old lady purple.

It seems like once you went platinum/silver, your modeling career really got busy. Tell me what it’s like being a mature model?

The demand for my hair color was incredible – partly because in the commercial world, the segment being targeted is Baby Boomer or GenX – for Boomers, they want to see young, vibrant women and the hair color says ‘older’ and for GenX, the hair color says “Hey, I am your kid’s grandma.”

For modeling the mentality is entirely supported by the movement for inclusion. Let’s include women of all body types, all races, and all ages. In Denver, there is a designer who only wants older women modeling her clothes. She picked up on the trend early and hired me to walk for her in a couple of Denver Fashion Shows.

Do you think there is less pressure on a mature model, or more? (Body image. Overall image, etc.) Is it more fun, less stressful being a mature model?

So, it’s interesting being an older model – yes, there’s still pressure to fit into the clothes and that gets more challenging when your body’s metabolism is changing. Here are a couple of anecdotes:

I hadn’t walked the runway in about 30 years, when I was hired by Nordstrom to do a Beauty event. As I was walking into the fitting, I followed two gorgeous women who were easily 3 inches taller than me and definitely fit! I felt myself flushing, embarrassed that I was shorter, old, fat…but when I got in the fitting everyone was incredibly supportive!! No one was saying, oh my god would you drop 5 lbs by tomorrow, no one was asking me to have plastic surgery. No. It was so great being included and accepted for me, just being me.

After that I was booked for the Denver fashion event with the designer who used several other women in the mature model cohort. It was so fun! That show is still on YouTube, you can watch it here.

What’s your every day skincare routine and what products do you use?

I have sensitive skin that has changed over the course of my life, like every woman! I had adult acne at one point and now the pendulum has swung over to dry skin. I have used the Clinique skincare system my entire life with some small adjustments:

  • 4 nights a week I use gel cleanser, the other nights I use micellar water
  • Toner morning & night
  • Eye serum morning & night
  • Repairwear Laserfocus serum at night (they are discontinuing this so I am just about ready to purchase some new products 😊)
  • Dramatically different moisturizer  — morning & night
  • Moisturizer with SPF mornings – always
  • When I can afford it I buy (and use) the Guerlain Double R Renew & Repair serum
  • For fun I splurge on Guerlain lipstick – incredibly moisturizing!!!
  • No eye-shadows with metallic glitter – makes my eyelids swell up
  • Change my mascara often – sensitive eyes need fresh mascara
  • Nars eyeliner goes on more smoothly than Clinique – soooo…
  • Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil is the right color for gray 😊
  • Just about everything else is Clinique.

You’ve been living a fun, international life. Your husband’s career has taken you to Germany and now Italy. What fashion and beauty differences have you noticed in both countries? How do both countries differ from each other when it comes to the local image?

This is a great question! The beauty culture is vastly different between these two countries. Germans are practical and walk on cobblestones most of the time, so you see Birkenstock. But German women love being feminine so you see plenty of French cosmetic lines available in their pharmacies called Apoteke. You will also see them loving floral prints, but not wearing a ton of jewelry, and wearing big scarves. But while I was living there the uniform in winter was:

  • Slim jeans or pants
  • Thick sweater
  • Wellensteyn jacket with fur-trimmed hood
  • Boots or sneakers
  • Big scarf
  • Hat

In Rome, the women are dressed with more jewelry and on trend. No wandering around in sneakers if you can find a pair of boots. Cropped pants, culottes, and split skirts are the trend that everyone is wearing. And did I mention boots? Combat, Chelsea, over-the-knee (with a mini-skirt), medium heels, high heels, mid-calf, bottom-of-the knee,– these women know their boot styles and wear them with hosiery! I don’t see bare legs here in in Rome, even if I do see some very short dresses and skirts. Most women wear their hair down, it’s colored, and they have at least one Italian brand visible, Gucci, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, or Luisa Spagnoli. I don’t see many hats, even when it is cold, but to make up for it they layer, layer, layer! I have seen a sweater under a blazer under a puffy jacket under a ¾ wool coat more than once!

Do you find you have to change your skincare routine based on where you live?

Yes, definitely. The hardness of the water and the humidity of the air, as well as the pollution of the urban environments are different and require different skincare treatments. Here in Rome, the water is very hard, so I am using micellar water more and more to cleanse at night. I am also using more SPF in my lip care routine because I am walking around in the sun more!

What about makeup? Do you like to glam it up, or are you a minimalist when it comes to makeup? What are your favorite brands?

I have a love/hate affair with makeup – I love how I look in it, but I don’t always want to spend much time applying it – so I have a couple of routines that work for me:

  • Fastest: Guerlain or Clinique eye primer, Clinique cover up, Clinique mascara, Guerlain or Nars or Chanel red lipstick (very French and each red has its own temperament)
  • Confidence booster: Guerlain eye primer, Clinique cover up, eye shadow (Dior, Clinique, Bobbi Brown), Nars eyeliner, Urban Decay setting spray, Clinique mascara, my perfect neutral lipstick (Guerlain, Chanel, Clinique depending on what my lips need or my wardrobe choice)
  • Time to shine: all of the confidence booster with Clinique age defense BB cream SPF 30, cream stick blush, Becca liquid highlighter.

I love to ask this question… You’re going to a remote location/desert island, etc. What 3 products can you not live without? (Sunscreen is provided here, so no need to include that one.)

Coffee, Vicks, Allergy medicine, floss

Oh, you meant beauty products…cover up, lip gloss with SPF, mascara

What’s in your beauty bag?

I have a gold train case that holds exactly what I need for traveling:

Beauty tools, including eyeglass repair kit

Lip liner, lip gloss, lip stick

Korean pomegranate face mask (Best one is from Sally Beauty Supply of all places 😊)

Dior gift with purchase eye-shadow

Travel size Clinique skin care

Scissors, black electrical tape, samples of perfume, double-sided tape, safety pins, sewing kit

What advice can you give someone in the industry, who’s in that in-between stage of modeling/mature modeling?

There is always work. Work slows down, you might have to find some other applications for your skills, but there is always work to be done.

Any modeling or acting work on the horizon, or is that on hold for awhile? 

By moving to Rome I have missed out on about 5 or 6 modeling jobs in Denver and it is killing me! On the other hand, I have found a great position here in Rome that uses my other knowledge, skills, and abilities, so that will be fulfilling on a different level.

I think you’re gorgeous and I love seeing how your career has evolved. Where’s your Cover Girl campaign??



This was such a fun experience! Thank you for the interview, Christine!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you would like to be considered for a future interview on my blog, please respond to this post!

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Review – Finding Ferdinand Custom Lipstick

You know how those pesky ads show up all over your computer/phone just because you did a simple search? Yeah, normally I scroll on by, but when I saw an ad for a custom lipstick, I was intrigued… even more so when I clicked on the link and discovered that you can order a sample of this custom lipstick!


Finding Ferdinand is the website where you can create your own magic. I’m very curious about the name. On the “About” section of their website, it’s pretty simple: “We bring your custom beauty creations to life, from lipsticks to palettes, all made-to-order in New York City.” Sweet and to the point, but who are you? How did you come up with this idea? And why the name? Did the creator of this company have a lipstick they were in love with named Ferdinand, and it was discontinued?? (Don’t get me started on that!) Or is Ferdinand the love of your life… man? dog? cat? goldfish??

How does it work? You choose from 4 of their colors to create your own. Now, the choices of colors are not staggering. There are only 25 shades to choose from to mix, but I think that’s good. Too many choices can be overwhelming. Once you’ve decided on your 4 colors, or 3, or 2, if you want, you don’t have to commit to 4, you get to decide how much of each shade will be used. While you’re figuring this out, there will be a swatch right above your chosen colors to show you what your custom lipstick will look like. You get to choose from three different finishes: Creamy, Sheer, or Matte. Then you choose your size. A mini (sample) size is $9.00 Full size is $30.00 and the two together are $33.00. You also get a choice of fragrances. Personally, I like no fragrance, if possible, so I chose classic. Rose, Coconut, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Grape, and for a limited time, Chocolate Cake, are the scents to choose from.

You also get to name your color, which I thought was fun! Here are the colors that I chose, with the percentages of each color. Pretty simple and since I liked what it was showing me, I kept all colors at 100%. And yes, you’ll see that I named my custom lipstick Alexandra, after my leading lady in the Heart & Soul books. (You can buy those here!)


  • COLOR 1: AU NATUREL 100%
  • COLOR 2: TRUFFLE 100%
  • COLOR 3: BLACK 100%

I had so much fun doing this, I am going to create more colors, and I think I’ll continue to name them after my characters. If you’ve read my books, I think you’ll agree with me that Mona needs a pretty red lipstick named after her!

Overall, this was an excellent experience! Easy to order, and fast shipping. And the quality of the product is amazing! It’s a generous sample size, about the size of your pinky finger, and us beauty mavens know, there’s plenty of product to go after in the base of your lipstick. What about the fragrance? Nice, not overpowering at all.

I’ll be ordering again, but in the meantime, I want to find out more about Finding Ferdinand! If I stumble across any specials or discounts, I’ll let you all know. Highly recommend!

Here are some pictures of the product from the packaging, to the sample size, and a swatch on my arm of how “Alexandra” turned out. Someone suggested a selfie… Brookie doesn’t do selfies, so hopefully the swipe on my arm gives you a good idea.

If you order, share your color, I’m anxious to see it!

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Beauty Interview with Jennifer Nicole Lee

When I started this blog over 10 years ago, one thing I always wanted to do, but never had the chance, was interview people! I was interested in talking to models, makeup artists, product developers, photographers, and other beauty addicts, much like myself. At the top of my list to interview was Fitness Expert Jennifer Nicole Lee! I’ve been following her career for years, and over the past year, she and I have had a chance to connect and get to know each other. She’s created this amazing VIP group on Facebook that’s full of women from all walks of life. I recently attended her world conference and it was truly amazing! More on that in a future post.

At the 2020 World Conference!

Always, always follow your dreams. I wasn’t sure if Jennifer would be as excited as I was about the possibility of collaborating to do this interview, but she was!

All you have to do is ask! Some of this interview took place over the phone, but most of it was done via email. We’re hoping to team up again in the near future either in person or on a video chat to share with all of you.

This was a lot of fun, coming up with these questions, and even more fun to read her answers! Read on, and enjoy!!

1.       You have naturally curly hair. What’s your secret/process to straightening your hair? I know how hard it can be to get it so smooth on that texture. Do you use a certain product, or is there a salon treatment that you get for lasting smoothness? Both! Heehee! I live in Miami, so with this humidity I need all the help I can get. I love Deluge shampoo, conditioner. My faves are the Argon Oil shampoo & conditioner. I am obsessed with their Mask, I use it every wash, even though it’s a mask. Just a touch at the end to seal in all the moisture. I also did a treatment called “The Apple Stem Cell” to make my hair smoother & shinier. Its not a Keratin Brazilian blow out treatment that can harm the hair. It actually is an anti-aging hair treatment to help it be stronger, grow longer and be shinier and more controllable.

2.      To clarify, you’re not getting paid to endorse any of these products, but I’d like to know and I think others would like to know, what products you can’t live without.  Love this question. One of our VIP sistas Andreea in Austria gifted me with an Hour Glass Highligher palette. I kid you not, I use it every day! On my cheeks and lids. It’s the Ambient Strobe Light Palette. I am also in love with the Natasha Denona Beauty Eye Shadow Palette! The Metropolis Palette is so bold! I also love the Gold Palette, great for brown eyes, as the greens in the palette make your eyes look like hazel. I swear by Katie B Cosmetics for her foundation and her Green Tea Mineral Baked powder. Been wearing those for years! I’m also in love with Tatcha Primer. It’s a little thick, so I blend it with one pump of Lancome La Base, to make it a little more pliable. That combo seals in my face from the humidity here in Miami. Its sweat and humidity proof!

3.      Let’s play Survivor. You are going to a remote island and you can only take 3 beauty products with you. What are they? Besides sunscreen, of course.  Great question. I love the Deluge Firm My Figure scrub, as it’s a 2 in one: exfoliant for face and body, and also a moisturizer. I would then of course do the Deluge Hair Mask. Not selling or plugging, I really love their products. And gotta look cute, so a super glossy fuchsia lip gloss that screams “tropical paradise”, my fave is Rimmel Stay Glossy 6 Hour Gloss in the color Candy Floss

4.      How old were you when you first started wearing makeup? Who taught you to apply it? TRUE STORY! I have two older sisters. My earliest memory of makeup is that my two oldest sisters put makeup on me for my first day at Kindergarten! I remember it clearly! I’m laughing now, but something didn’t feel right when I went to my first day at the big elementary school and all eyes where on me. Couldn’t figure out why I was getting all of the stark stares, but now I know! I had blue eye shadow on my lids and my lips were hot pink, with a swipe of blush on my cheeks. I was their “doll” I guess and I think they wanted me to make a “good impression” on my first day of Kindergarten! LOL!

5.      Favorite beauty trend? I have a lot! Highlighter! The more the better! I want to make sure the aliens see “glow” in outer-space.

6.      What’s a beauty trend you regret? Thin eyebrows! Geeze, looking back I think we were all taking out our stress on our eyebrows and plucking them to death.

7.      When you apply your makeup, do you start with face or eyes first? Why? Love this question. I always start with the canvas, the skin. I need to lock that down first, flawless. I know that some artists do eyes first and then “clean up” around any fall out of eye shadow with base, etc. I cant do that! Drives me crazy. I must do face first then move to eyes, and then lips are last.

8.      What’s in your beauty bag? Reach into the purse closest to you, grab your bag, dump it out if you’re feeling ambitious, and tell us what you’ve got! Oh Lordy! I’m scared! Ready! A powder puff for my powder application (that I really need to wash!) sugar free gum, breath spray, Katie B Cosmetics Mineral Baked Powder. Too Faced Born This Way Concealer, Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder, and a Wet Brush (Even though I wont use it while my hair is wet, I love how easy it is on my hair)

9.      What’s your favorite high-end makeup brand? Great question! Depends! Natasha Denona for eye shadow. Lancome for Mascara, Tatcha for Primer, Chanel for Perfume, Greek Goddess Lashes for false eyelashes.

10.  What’s your favorite drugstore brand? Geeze! A lot! I love Maybelline, Cover Girl, I have worn them all! Actually Wet n Wild has gotten really good! Great prices too.

11.  Do you like trying new skincare products or do you stick to a routine? I love to try new products! I feel like your skin can always use a “JOLT” with new products and trying new things that can either work or be a dud! You never know until you try. And companies now are always doing so many give-aways. That’s the fun part.

12.  If you could create a makeup or skincare product, what would it be? WOW! Love this fantasy. It would be the VIP Line! For women who dare to push the envelope. Bold colors. Striking lips, lids, cheeks. Power looks for sure. We both remember the 80’s, I think that was the best hair and make up! Bigger the better! Twisted Sister anyone? Heehee! I loved watching Ru Paul and he really was over the top in his hair and make up. I love me a good drama look. Smokey eyes, red lips. 80’s all the way! Of course we would do a “Wedding/Natural Look Division” but it has to be glam in some type of way.

13.  You’re known for being a fitness expert, and a wonderful coach! Training women all around the globe on how to be the best version of themselves. What’s your best non-beauty related beauty tip? Confidence, I know that when you rock your confidence, no matter what you are wearing, or what type of make up you have, you have that “it” factor. Not being cocky, or highfalutin, but just a warm spirit that invites others in to also feel genuine in their skin. A smile always works! That little twinkle in your eye of pure joy and happiness. Those are my every day must-do beauty tips to evoke that feeling of being beautiful no matter what!

Here are a few more pictures from the conference. It seemed like any time there was a microphone nearby, it was in my hand! I need to host my own entertainment/beauty show!!

I hope you enjoyed Jennifer’s answers as much as I did! Thanks for checking in, and if you would like to be interviewed for my blog, reply to this post and let’s work something out!

As always, You’ve Been Beautified!!

P.S. Looking for something to read? Check out the first 2 books in the Heart & Soul series by yours truly!!!

Too Good To Be True?

For all your beauty advice…

I’ve always been a firm believer of the phrase, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Because of that, I don’t like to buy things that advertise phenomenal results, or claim to give you the talent of a makeup artist with just a flick of the wrist! That doesn’t mean I don’t get excited about new products, and new innovations, but there are a lot of products on the market right now that have me wondering, is it too good to be true?

True Match Roller Foundation by L’Oreal. This product had me skeptical when it hit the market just over a year ago. Really? A tiny little paint roller is supposed to glide over my skin and give me a flawless complexion? I’ve used L’Oreal foundation in the past and I didn’t really care for it, so I never tried this one. Also, at a retail price of about $15.00, I don’t want to pay that for something that seems “gadgety” and trendy. I did feel the texture of the roller, and it was a very cheap sponge that seems like it would fall apart after a few uses. I’ve been asked by a reader to review this product. I would certainly give it a try, but only if L’Oreal sent it to me as gratis. Just by what I’ve seen, and felt, I think the price on this is way too high to give it a try. (Yes, I meant to throw in that rhyme!)

The One Sweep Eye Shadow by L’Oreal. Ok, I swear I am not picking on L’Oreal, it just seems like they have the most unique ideas in the way a product is delivered. This One Sweep Shadow claims that all you have to do is take the oversized sponge applicator, sweep it across the shadows and sweep it across your lid, and voila! You have a perfect smoky eye without a mess, or the hassle of blending. Again, sounds too good to be true. I’ve used L’Oreal eye shadow in the past, and I’ve always loved it, but this seems a little silly to me. I almost broke down and bought it to review it, but when I went to look at it, it was $9.00 and the smallest eye shadow I’ve seen in a long time. I honestly don’t see it working as flawlessly as they claim it will.

These are just a few products that make me stop and wonder if they could really be that amazing. I’m sure I’ll be writing about more in the future. These things keep me up at night…

So, now I ask you…have you tried either one of these products? If so, what are your thoughts? Do they really work the way they advertise? What products do you see on the market that make you wonder if it’s too good to be true? I look forward to your response.

Email me your questions for Q&A Monday to

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When Good Products Go Bad

For all your beauty advice…

I know I’ve touched on this subject in Q&A Monday, and I get asked about this topic a lot, so I thought I would refresh everyone’s memory and put out a reminder that good beauty products can go bad, and eventually we must throw them out. We’ve all been guilty of holding on to items for a lot longer than we should. I’ll admit I have done it in the past, and I tend to be a repeat offender here! Some of us get attached to a certain product, and some of us just don’t want to think about spending the money to replace the products. But, it is very important that you keep your products fresh and toss them when you’re supposed to. A product that has gone bad won’t work the way it’s supposed to, and could cause breakouts.

The product with the best shelf life is mineral foundation. If you use mineral makeup on a regular basis, you should be needing to replace it every 6 months. If you aren’t going through your mineral makeup in that time frame, replace it after a year. Any type of liquid foundation should be replaced after 6 months. If your foundation gets gooey, or feels like there is sand in it, it’s time for it to go. Concealor should also be replaced after 6 months. If it gets thick and sticky before that, throw it out. It won’t conceal correctly, and tends to look ashy and gray on the skin when it’s gone bad.

Compact powder can last up to 9 months; so can blush. I’ll be honest with you, I usually push my compact to last me for a year. It’s kept in my makeup bag and I barely use it. If your blush, or compact gets that hard shiny layer forming, you can scrape that away and get to the product under it, but usually when it gets to that point, I feel like it’s pretty old, so I say toss it.

Lipstick, and lipgloss, can be good up to a year. I’ve been guilty here and kept lipstick and gloss a lot longer than that. If you store them in a cool, dry place, they should be fine. If they feel sticky, or smell funny, obviously they are no good, so get rid of them! The bright side is buying more lipgloss…that always makes my day!

Eye products are going to be the first things that will need to be refreshed. Eye products are breeding grounds for bacteria and that can cause all kinds of issues, so replace your mascara every 3 months, and your shadows and liners every 6 months.

If any products start to smell, the texture changes, or they break you out, you need to replace them. Makeup sponges should be washed after you use them, and once the sponge starts to crumble, it needs to go. It’s no longer an effective tool when it leaves little sponge balls behind on your face. They’re not expensive, so stock up!

I think these are some good guidelines to follow…and after reading through what I’m preaching, I need to do a spring cleaning with my makeup!

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Luxury Lines

For all your beauty advice…

We all have our products we can’t live without and we’ll spend a little extra money in order to have them. Maybe it’s face cleanser, maybe it’s your favorite shampoo, but it seems to be at least one expensive item that we budget into our monthly allowance. If we incorporate more inexpensive products into our routine, we can justify having that one item. But what happens if your one product you must have is more like, one line of products? There are every day  brands, like Lauder, MAC, Smashbox, etc. There are drugstore brands, like Cover Girl, L’Oreal, Maybelline, etc. Then there are what I call “Luxury Lines” of makeup and skin care, like Chanel, YSL, Dior, Armani, and one I want to try very soon, Burberry. When brands known for high-end fashion, start branching into makeup, skin care and fragrance, of course we’re intrigued.

For some of us, it may seem like no big deal to spend $50 on a lipstick because it’s by Chanel…really, what else are you going to be able to get from Chanel for that price? I would absolutely love to have some shoes by Yves Saint Laurent, but it’s more realistic, and justifiable, to spend $30 on a lipgloss that sports the logo. So, is it all hype and you’re just buying the brand name? Or are the lines as luxurious as the fabrics from these labels?

Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the Chanel eye shadows feel as silky as Chanel fabric. YSL mascara is so amazing, when I’ve tried it, I keep applying it because it’s amazing how it makes my lashes look! The more you apply, the fuller and longer your lashes appear…seriously, I could spend about an hour with YSL mascara! Another YSL favorite of mine is Touche’ Eclat. It’s an amazing facial highlighter pen that lets you fake 8 hours of sleep in one little tube. It’s crazy expensive, but it’s like a little magic wand that makes fine lines, dark circles, and any signs of fatigue completely go away.

I make no secret of my lipgloss addiction, and Dior definitely helps me indulge in that habit! If you’re looking for something resembling a liquid lipstick, or looking for gloss with tons of shimmer and a wonderful texture, look no further than the house of Dior. When Dior first started making cosmetics, they started with lipsticks that matched their dresses. That was such a hit, they branched out into a full line of skin care and cosmetics, and of course, fragrance.

From eyeshadows that feel like silk, to lipgloss that feels like satin, these lines are definitely an indulgence and a pure luxury! The Sephora brand, that’s so affordable, may make very similar colors to Chanel, Dior and YSL, but sometimes knowing the luxury you’re sporting on your face can really make your day…just sayin’. Don’t break your bank buying everything from these lines, but if you get a chance to indulge,  you should.

Do you have a favorite luxury line? Can’t wait to hear!

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Get Boo-tiful This Halloween

For all your beauty (boo-ty) advice…

Sorry, couldn’t resist the title! For many people, this is their favorite time of year. The crisp of leaves that have fallen from the trees, the smell of cider, the fun of carving pumpkins and baking the seeds. And, the anticipation of the perfect Halloween costume. Halloween is the perfect time of year to let your creativity flow, and it’s absolutely the best time to play with your makeup and try new trends. Glitter, red lipstick, fake nails, false eyelashes…Halloween expects no less. When creating your perfect face for your costume, you’ll want to ensure your look stays put all night. Even if your costume doesn’t!

Whether you are going all-out and getting extravagant like a Glam-pire or Cleopatra, or keeping things simple like a ghost or a pumpkin, you’ll want to make sure you start with a clean slate. Make sure your skin is clean, dry, and primed before you start applying your makeup. Use a foundation primer, and an eyeshadow primer to make sure your colors stay put. Typically, the makeup you apply for your costume is going to be much heavier than what you wear on a daily basis…for some of you, anyway. I hear it said all the time: “less is more”, “if you have a smoky eye, make sure you have a nude lip”, “if you go for a bold lip, make sure your eyes are low-key”. Ignore all of that for Halloween. More is more…more glitter, more lashes, more lipstick…it all equals more fun!

Halloween expects dark, bold colors. How else will your costume stand out? Have fun with heavy eyeliner and false eyelashes. Why the lashes, you may ask? Aren’t they an extra step I don’t really need? Nope. You will be surprised what adding lashes can do to complete your costume. They add an extra layer of drama and let you see how beautiful your eyes are with super-long lashes.

Lipstick colors in red, purple, hot pink, etc. are so much fun this time of year! Especially red. Not many of us wear dark/bright red lipstick on a daily basis, so have fun with this one. The same goes for glitter. Put some on your eyes, lips, or cheeks as a finishing touch, and don’t forget to sprinkle some in your hair. Halloween is the one time of year that looking a little bit like a disco ball is perfectly acceptable.

Afraid nail art may be considered tacky? Again, Halloween is the perfect time to try trends you might normally stay away from. You can easily incorporate some fun nail art into your costume. It doesn’t matter if you have artificial nails, or natural nails, grab a fun nail polish to complete your outfit and add some nail art, or some nail jewels for some extra effects.

You know what the great thing is about nail polish, heavier-than-normal makeup, and false eye lashes? They’re all temporary! You can take them off that night, (or the next day in most cases), and if it doesn’t look quite right at first, remove it and start again. No commitment! Except for the glitter, maybe. That stuff, fun as it is, stays with you for a while.

So, have fun with some color this Halloween and play around with trends you might never try on a normal day! Stay safe, and have a Happy Halloween. What are you going to be this year?

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