Product Review – Urban Decay Vice

I am a huge fan of Urban Decay. On any given day, I use multiple products from this line. Eye shadow primer, face primer and the original Naked eye palette. The products are top of the line, excellent pigmentation; not to mention A+ for staying power.

In case you haven’t noticed, liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now. If I were to look at my list of Facebook friends, I could pick out at least a dozen of them who are Lipsense consultants and they can’t keep their colors in stock!

I had noticed UD going this direction not too long ago and when I was recently at Sephora, I decided to go ahead and treat myself and grab one of these babies and give it a go. The color I picked was Amulet. With my skin color, I have a hard time finding that beautiful neutral pink that doesn’t turn too pink or orange on me. But, this color spoke to me, practically begged to come home with me. Never one resisting to take someone in and give them a good home, naturally, I bought it!


Here is how UD describes this hot product: This is Vice Liquid Lipstick—a waterproof formula so life-proof, it’s not going ANYWHERE until you take it off. (Just imagine the possibilities.) What makes Vice different? Our high-tech formula provides longer-lasting wear with ZERO transfer. Like our original formula, Vice Liquid Lipstick lays down intensely pigmented color. And the comfortable, nondrying wear sets it apart from other liquid lipsticks. (Ok, I’m sold!)

This is how they tell you to apply it: Vice Liquid Lipstick gives you endless color in three steps. First, line lips with the precise applicator; then apply one coat to fill. Do not press lips together. If desired opacity is achieved, let dry. A little goes a long way, but for more coverage, apply a second coat. Let dry completely and you’re good to go. (Easy enough, right?)

I knew going into this that most liquid lipsticks can be very drying to your lips. According to an article I came across online, your lips only have 3 to 5 cellular layers of skin, as opposed to up to 16 layers of skin the rest of your body has. Translation: The skin on your lips is super thin.

I followed directions specifically and after I knew the color was set, I applied a moisturizing gloss to keep my pucker hydrated.

So, what’s the verdict? For staying power, this was amazing. The color lasted me all day. Even when I indulged in the #9, fully loaded from Jimmy John’s for my lunch, this color stayed put! However…………

I wanted to love this. I really, really did. I’ve not once been disappointed with anything UD has to offer, but the drying factor was more than a factor. I think out of the 3-5 layers of skin my poor lips have, I lost at least 2 of those layers after only one day of use! It’s taken me weeks to get my lips feeling normal again. And, what baffles me more than anything? All the 5 star reviews this product is getting online! The colors are beautiful, there’s no denying that! I realize that products affect people differently. Unfortunately, this one didn’t work for me.

Enough about me. What about you? Have you tried Vice by UD? Are you a lover, or did you experience the same fate that I did? Are you a UD makeup artist? If so, reach out to me, tell me what I did wrong or how to make it right! I hate not loving a product, especially by a brand I’ve supported for so long!

As always, I look forward to your responses!

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