Beauty From The Inside Out…A Self-Challenge

Ok, I’ve decided to do a self-challenge for 21 days. I want to see what eating right will do for my appearance, so I’m titling this: “Beauty from the inside out.”

They say “you are what you eat” and I’ve read many articles stating that what you put inside your body will show on the outside. Well, this has been proven in certain areas of my body, but I have never paid attention to the effect of nutrition on my skin, hair and nails. So, that’s what I’m going to focus on…any weight loss is a side benefit for my body (and my ego).

We relocated in August, and the stress took its toll on me in the form of 10 pounds…10 EXTRA pounds on top of the one million I was trying to get rid of anyway. So, I decided to join Weight Watchers (WW) for 2 reasons. #1 to give me some motivation to get my body to a normal weight once and for all, and #2 to meet people. I’ve been blessed with the fact that I don’t have to find a job immediately, but it’s also sometimes a curse because I don’t know a soul out here. So, while it’s nice to not have the stress of working full-time, I’ve come to feel like I’m in prison sometimes because I get lonely and bored, and that leads to over-eating.

I don’t endorse WW, I’m not being paid by them, and I’m not trying to recruit anyone to start WW. If you do start, that would be great because I am always looking for friends to lean on. I don’t get anything if anyone decides to join because of me. Please know that my intention is not to sell you ANYthing. I am just journaling this experience and questions and feedback are always welcome. Unless it’s mean feedback, then you and your comments will just get deleted.

Since I joined WW in August, I’ve lost and regained the same 4 pounds, and I’m sick of it. It’s not WW, it’s me. I know this, and I hate admitting it. It’s because some days I just don’t feel like tracking my food. It’s because some days it’s just easier to eat carbs and fat and not have anything resembling a fruit or a vegetable. It’s mostly because I just simply believe that I should NOT have to track my nightly wine.

I’m usually an all-or-nothing person, and WW is teaching me moderation. I can get the same satisfaction from a single cheeseburger that I could from a double, and yes, on the rare occasion, a triple (I wasn’t alone on the triple…you know who you are)! I find I enjoy healthy foods (love all veggies, except for green beans!), and knowing I can indulge a little here and there is good for me. Also, drinking the amount of water I should every day is a challenge. Forgive me for being tacky, but I hate water because I hate running to the bathroom to pee all the time!

This challenge for myself begins on March 1st, the day after tomorrow. If you want to start a challenge of your own alongside me, feel free. We can compare notes. I will journal about my 21 days, sometimes a few days may be in one journal, it will depend on how I’m feeling. I will share my meals, and recipes if you want, and I will also be completely honest and share my mishaps.

So, stay tuned. I hope I can inspire you, and keep myself motivated. Thanks for reading!

You’ve Been Beautified!