Too Good To Be True?

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I’ve always been a firm believer of the phrase, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Because of that, I don’t like to buy things that advertise phenomenal results, or claim to give you the talent of a makeup artist with just a flick of the wrist! That doesn’t mean I don’t get excited about new products, and new innovations, but there are a lot of products on the market right now that have me wondering, is it too good to be true?

True Match Roller Foundation by L’Oreal. This product had me skeptical when it hit the market just over a year ago. Really? A tiny little paint roller is supposed to glide over my skin and give me a flawless complexion? I’ve used L’Oreal foundation in the past and I didn’t really care for it, so I never tried this one. Also, at a retail price of about $15.00, I don’t want to pay that for something that seems “gadgety” and trendy. I did feel the texture of the roller, and it was a very cheap sponge that seems like it would fall apart after a few uses. I’ve been asked by a reader to review this product. I would certainly give it a try, but only if L’Oreal sent it to me as gratis. Just by what I’ve seen, and felt, I think the price on this is way too high to give it a try. (Yes, I meant to throw in that rhyme!)

The One Sweep Eye Shadow by L’Oreal. Ok, I swear I am not picking on L’Oreal, it just seems like they have the most unique ideas in the way a product is delivered. This One Sweep Shadow claims that all you have to do is take the oversized sponge applicator, sweep it across the shadows and sweep it across your lid, and voila! You have a perfect smoky eye without a mess, or the hassle of blending. Again, sounds too good to be true. I’ve used L’Oreal eye shadow in the past, and I’ve always loved it, but this seems a little silly to me. I almost broke down and bought it to review it, but when I went to look at it, it was $9.00 and the smallest eye shadow I’ve seen in a long time. I honestly don’t see it working as flawlessly as they claim it will.

These are just a few products that make me stop and wonder if they could really be that amazing. I’m sure I’ll be writing about more in the future. These things keep me up at night…

So, now I ask you…have you tried either one of these products? If so, what are your thoughts? Do they really work the way they advertise? What products do you see on the market that make you wonder if it’s too good to be true? I look forward to your response.

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