Product Review…Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream

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I recently had the opportunity to sample Brilliant Glossing Cream, by Fekkai. Olive oil is the main ingredient in this product. It’s used to add shine and a pretty polish to your hair. The directions say to use it on damp, or dry hair. Use it on damp hair as a styling cream, or use it on dry hair as a finishing cream to add shine.

I tried it both ways. As a styling cream, I really liked it. My hair is wavy, and is desperate to be curly, but it tends to lean more towards the frizzy side. I put this on my damp hair and let it air dry, and it really brought out the natural curl in my hair…not many products do that for me! I was very impressed to see some actual ringlets in my hair!

When I tried it as a finishing cream, I liked it, but I used just a little too much, so my scalp felt a little oily through the day. The next time I used it, I made sure to use a little less, and I loved it!

When your hair is damp and you add a product like this, the “wet” in your hair tens to dilute the product and not make it feel so heavy. When you use it on dry hair, it’s more concentrated, so a little truly goes a long way.

The directions state that you should only use an amount the size of a pea…take this advice! More is not more; less is more! Nothing feels worse on your hair than having that “coated” feeling.

Pros: Smells great, makes your hair feel and look smooth, and it makes you feel like you were just in a high-end salon. Cons: It’s pricey…BUT, since a little goes such a long way, one tube should last a very long time!

Have you tried it? Let me know what you think!

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