Luxury Lines

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We all have our products we can’t live without and we’ll spend a little extra money in order to have them. Maybe it’s face cleanser, maybe it’s your favorite shampoo, but it seems to be at least one expensive item that we budget into our monthly allowance. If we incorporate more inexpensive products into our routine, we can justify having that one item. But what happens if your one product you must have is more like, one line of products? There are every day  brands, like Lauder, MAC, Smashbox, etc. There are drugstore brands, like Cover Girl, L’Oreal, Maybelline, etc. Then there are what I call “Luxury Lines” of makeup and skin care, like Chanel, YSL, Dior, Armani, and one I want to try very soon, Burberry. When brands known for high-end fashion, start branching into makeup, skin care and fragrance, of course we’re intrigued.

For some of us, it may seem like no big deal to spend $50 on a lipstick because it’s by Chanel…really, what else are you going to be able to get from Chanel for that price? I would absolutely love to have some shoes by Yves Saint Laurent, but it’s more realistic, and justifiable, to spend $30 on a lipgloss that sports the logo. So, is it all hype and you’re just buying the brand name? Or are the lines as luxurious as the fabrics from these labels?

Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the Chanel eye shadows feel as silky as Chanel fabric. YSL mascara is so amazing, when I’ve tried it, I keep applying it because it’s amazing how it makes my lashes look! The more you apply, the fuller and longer your lashes appear…seriously, I could spend about an hour with YSL mascara! Another YSL favorite of mine is Touche’ Eclat. It’s an amazing facial highlighter pen that lets you fake 8 hours of sleep in one little tube. It’s crazy expensive, but it’s like a little magic wand that makes fine lines, dark circles, and any signs of fatigue completely go away.

I make no secret of my lipgloss addiction, and Dior definitely helps me indulge in that habit! If you’re looking for something resembling a liquid lipstick, or looking for gloss with tons of shimmer and a wonderful texture, look no further than the house of Dior. When Dior first started making cosmetics, they started with lipsticks that matched their dresses. That was such a hit, they branched out into a full line of skin care and cosmetics, and of course, fragrance.

From eyeshadows that feel like silk, to lipgloss that feels like satin, these lines are definitely an indulgence and a pure luxury! The Sephora brand, that’s so affordable, may make very similar colors to Chanel, Dior and YSL, but sometimes knowing the luxury you’re sporting on your face can really make your day…just sayin’. Don’t break your bank buying everything from these lines, but if you get a chance to indulge,  you should.

Do you have a favorite luxury line? Can’t wait to hear!

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