Nectar of The Dogs – Wine Review




If the label alone didn’t catch my eye, the catchy slogan would. Yes, I am reviewing wine! First of all, those of you who know me are probably wondering why I’ve never done this before, with my love of wine. Second of all, yay! I’m reviewing wine!!

I’ll address the first of all first. Makes sense, right? Well, while I’ve read about the skin benefits of drinking wine, I’ve never written about it. Mostly because I’ve been busy drinking it. Also, it didn’t align with what I was doing with my blog, but now in my direction of broadening my horizons and making my writing more about lifestyle than just beauty, it seems like a great idea.
And the second of all, well, yay! I’m reviewing wine!

Ok, let me make one thing clear…I’m not a wine snob. I simply tend to stick with what I know and like. Chardonnay if I want white and Cabernet if I want red. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good Zinfandel or Merlot, or even a Pinot Grigio every now and then, I just happen to be a creature of habit and grab what I’m familiar with.

I was recently gifted a bottle of  Nectar of The Dogs Sauvignon Blanc. While I was thankful for the gesture, me and my habitual ways were skeptical. Any time I’ve ever tried a SB in the past, they’ve been way too sweet, therefore, I tend to veer away from them.

First a little bit about the brand:
Nectar of The Dogs Wine was established in 2015 by two women with an
entrepreneurial spirit, a deep connection to their dogs and a love for wine; Melanie
Garibay and Donna Graves. We create elegant, easy drinking wine for everyone to
enjoy, while also supporting our true passion of protecting four-legged angels across the
country. A portion of all sales are donated to selected dog rescue organizations, and our
goal is for each varietal we create (as a limited edition production) to be paired with a
specific charity.
Currently, Nectar of The Dogs Wine is partnered with All American Dachshund
Rescue and Barkparty. As the portfolio expands, we are in search of additional dog
rescue organizations to partner with. To learn more about Nectar of The Dogs Wine,
please visit

Now a little bit about the wine:
This wine is intensely fragrant, rich with aromas of sweet juicy pear, pink grapefruit
and lime zest. Accented with flavors of honeysuckle, pear-cider and a touch of crisp
minerality on the finish~ Perfect after a warm spring day walk with your best friend!


Wine and dogs?!?! Seems to me life doesn’t get any better than that! I love their connection to dog rescues, and of course, dachshunds! (Best dogs, ever!) And, I love this wine. It was very light and refreshing and their description of it is perfect; crisp and fruity! An exceptional wine, certainly worthy of a pour! But, hard to share. My husband and I fought over the last glass, so it’s clear I need more of this in my life. You can order online, just click on the link to their website.
Currently, they only sell and ship within the state of California. If you live outside of California, you can contact them with questions.

Have you tried this wine? If so, I want to hear from you! If not, you need to try it and report back to me. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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