Every now and then I veer off the path of beauty. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m wanting to broaden my horizons. That being said, I’m doing my first fashion review, so bear with me and be nice to me. 🙂

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of LuLaRoe. And if you haven’t, well where the heck have you been?

I was first introduced to the clothing about a year ago. My first initial thought was, ok, leggings, good to know. I didn’t realize leggings were making a comeback. Or maybe they never went away, I don’t know. What I did know was that I hadn’t worn them in a long time. But, I understood the appeal of leggings for not only working out, but for every day wear. My love affair with leggings ended when yoga pants came onto the scene, so to hear this hype for leggings had me intrigued. What was so covetable about LLR leggings? (FYI, I’m not sure if covetable is a word, or not, but today I’m making it one!)
I was told they are so smooth and buttery soft and the most comfortable leggings you’ll ever wear. Not to mention, they come in a variety of prints and those prints are limited, therefore making them covetable! But, there are many other clothing options than just leggings. LLR has shirts, skirts and dresses, too! And you know what? They’re all crazy comfortable!

My friend Rachel has an amazing LLR business and she offered to let me try some of the pieces and give my honest opinion in my blog. I was excited for the chance to wear the clothing, so I said yes. Obviously, or I wouldn’t be writing this right now!

It’s funny how I’ve come to associate discomfort with work clothes, or better yet, comfort with frumpy. I didn’t think I could pull off the leggings and sassy shirt. Why not? Well, because I’m not the tiny size 4 I used to be in school. And before you can say, “Are any of us?” I can firmly say, yes, there are some people I know who are still the same tiny size they were in high school. And, because I love them, I can’t say that I hate them.

First up, the leggings. They come in two sizing options, OS (one size fits 00-12) and TC (tall & curvy fits sizes 10-22). They are super soft. I mean that. Any time I wear them, I keep running my hands over them to feel their softness, they’re truly amazing. And they keep you very warm in the cooler months. Right now, for me, it’s too hot to wear the leggings, but I’m looking forward to the cooler months so I can add them back to my wardrobe.

Next is the Perfect T. It’s a fun swing shape with side slits and a little bit of a longer sleeve. It’s a very flattering fit and it’s comfortable. In fact, as I was unpacking the box of generosity Rachel sent to me, my oldest daughter snagged this item right out of my hands. Here is a pic of her wearing the Perfect T and black leggings. I have to say she looks pretty darn cute! (Leggings retail for $25 and Perfect T retails for $36)


I was sent 2 dresses. The first one is called The Julia. It’s a form fitting, knee- length, knit dress with mid-length sleeves and a high neckline. I think this is such a cute dress, but I’ll be totally honest, I don’t have the confidence to wear something that hugs my curves so nicely, so I passed this on to someone I knew would rock the look, and she does! With her consent, she let me use her photo. I think Katelynn is adorable and this dress looks fantastic on her. (Julia retails for $45)


The second dress is the Carly Dress. We all want a cute dress that lets us breathe and move easier. This is a swing dress that is very flattering. It’s flowy and breezy with a high-low hemline. The neckline is a low scoop and the sleeves are open so it’s perfect for the hotter months. I snagged this pic off Rachel’s FB page, and that’s her modeling Carly. She’s adorable, too! (Price on picture)


I had the pleasure of trying the Cassie Skirt. This is a pencil skirt that can be dressed up or down. I love when clothing gives you the option of taking it from work to play. Versatility is always a good thing! (Price on picture)


The last item in my review is the Irma Tunic. It’s a loose-knit with a high-low hem and mid-length sleeves. I love the hem on this because it pairs nicely with the leggings and covers your booty at the same time! I love Irma, it’s so flattering! (Price on picture)


Yes, I know I didn’t include pics of myself wearing these items. Why? Because Brookie doesn’t do selfies, that’s why. So, thank you to my daughter and Katelynn for allowing me to share your picture, and thank you to Rachel for letting me use her pictures from her FB page.

LLR encourages mixing patterns and having fun with your look, making the options endless. But if you prefer to stay safe with your wardrobe (Like me!) that’s ok, too. There are plenty of solid colors that can be paired nicely with a subtle pattern. All the items come in various patterns and prints and are perfect for any body, no matter your shape or size. I think that’s the main thing that appeals to me with LLR; celebrating your figure. I’ll be honest, that’s something I need to relearn to do.

While I didn’t get into the tips and tricks on styling and wearing the clothing in different ways, there are so many creative options to try, just check out Rachel’s Facebook Page Let The Good Times Roe And if you want to pick up a few items, you can Shop with her, too! Be sure to catch her when she’s live, she’s fun to watch and will make you laugh! Here’s proof: This is us in high school cracking up! (The review aside, this is probably one of my favorite pictures, ever!)

High school

Thank you, Rachel, for introducing me to the world of LuLaRoe, I’m a fan!!! I can’t wait to introduce some other pieces into my wardrobe!

What about you? Are you addicted yet? Have you not tried LLR yet? I want to hear from you! And, as always:

You’ve Been Beautified!