Beauty From The Inside Out…Day 7


Sorry this is so late in the day. It’s been a crazy day, and this is my first time even looking at my computer today.

Today was one of those days that life threw me a challenge, and not a chips and popcorn type of challenge. I had to wake up way too early and I knew this was going to test my day. When I wake up before the sun…WAY before the sun…I have very strange eating habits all day long.

I had my coffee this morning, with my flavored cream, and that was it, for about 3 hours. I KNOW! I should have eaten something with that coffee, but really, who wants to eat at 3:00 in the morning?? So, I threw a Kashi bar in my bag (3 WW points) and did what I had to do. I started to feel very hungry around 6:00, who wouldn’t? So, I had my Kashi bar, but made the horrible mistake of having an extra cup of coffee with the bar. Oh, I forgot to mention, the bar was mocha flavored, so there was a whole lot of coffee going on in my empty stomach. The Kashi bar did its job, but the extra coffee screwed with me. Sometimes one cup of coffee is so good, that two must taste better, right? Wrong! I felt like there was a hundred butterflies fluttering in my stomach and this just made me shaky, so I didn’t eat again until 2:00.

So, earlier in the week, I was griping about being bored. Well, today I had too much to do and didn’t have time to eat, and that’s a whole different issue, right? I finally had lunch at 2:00, when my tummy told my body the reason my hands were shaking like a leaf was because I needed to eat. Luckily I made the right choice and chose Subway over Wendy’s. Huge victory there! Usually, burgers trump any food for me. They are a major weakness. I had my Subway with a bottle of water and no chips. I was satisfied, so woo-hoo!

Dinner was salmon with roasted veggies and a glass of wine. I stayed within my points, and beat a stressful day. I think I need to carry more snacks with me when I’m faced with days like this!

FYI…I may not get a chance to post every day this weekend, so if you don’t see a post for Friday or Saturday, I will recap them with Sunday.

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Beauty From The Inside Out…Day 6


Ok, today was a much easier day than yesterday and I know why. I didn’t touch a chip, or that low-cal popcorn that derailed me the last 2 days. Funny how something that’s supposed to be healthy messed with me! I had a good protein-packed breakfast and a sandwich for lunch that was really good. I came across a new product today that punched up the flavor of the sandwich and I didn’t miss a lovely side of, you guessed it, chips! Have any of you tried the sandwich spreads by Mezzetta? Oh, my goodness, they are so good! No need for mayo, or even mustard with these on your sandwich. I had the Peperoncini & Feta spread today. It was pretty spicy, but it had so much flavor. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Another thing that worked in my favor for success today was the fact that I was busy and was out of the house. Like I said, I am not working right now and because I don’t know anyone out here, I am home by myself a lot. When I have things to do, it takes my mind off munching and I didn’t miss those salty snacks that have been such an issue. Note to self: Keep busy! Any tips from anyone on how to get social in a new area are welcome. It’s amazing how boredom can make you want to eat. Before you chime in just know that we have a gym here at our apartment, I have volunteered at my daughter’s school, and I have my WW meetings. Still no luck in finding a Nor-Cal BF (not that my CO BFs can be replaced, but I need a pal, people!) I’ve seriously considered some kind of personal ad for a friend, but I’m pretty positive it will be misinterpreted and cause me all kinds of problems.

I do like to exercise. I don’t like to gear up to exercise, but I always feel really good when I’m done, and I know the circulation you get from a workout is great for your skin!

One great spot in my day: My WW meeting leader saw a post I had put on the Facebook page of our local WW group, and she sent me a private email to check on me and make sure I got the answers I needed to hear. That was a bright spot in my day. It’s really great to have the support of your WW leader because they have been there and they know what you’re going through and they know when you start to slip. I swear it’s like she can read my mind sometimes! I was going to say you can’t buy that kind of support, but since I pay a monthly fee for WW, I guess I am buying it. Ha ha! She’s awesome. She lost 76 pounds with WW and has kept it off for about 15 years. She’s adorable, and has a sassy little hair cut that I could never pull off.

Thanks for reading! I’m nearly one week into this, and so far, so good.

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Beauty From The Inside Out…Day 5


Only 5 days into this self-challenge, and I think today was the hardest. Didn’t I go on and on about how hard the weekends were? What the heck went on with a basic Monday??

I’ve stayed within my WW points range, but I have the munchies like you wouldn’t believe! (No, I haven’t been smoking anything) Reflecting on my day, I know what I need to do in the days ahead of me. I need to bulk up on protein and fiber and stay away from the bad carbs…they just make me hungry after a short time, they seem like empty calories, and they can be a culprit in making your skin look not-so-good.

Yesterday I wrote about my battle with potato chips, well popcorn is another evil substance for me! I have those small 100 calorie packs of microwave popcorn (3 WW points), and that’s a great snack, but I’ve realized it’s not a filling snack, and it just gets the crunchy-munchy factor going. Looks like I have to break up with popcorn for a while too. Wow…between chips and popcorn, that’s 2 break-ups in 2 days. That’s actually fine, because as long as I don’t have these snacks around, I don’t have a problem.

I have some things stressing me out right now, and that’s not helping. Also, one week out of every month, I am hungry 24-7. I think you can all crack that code, so I won’t elaborate…but that one week also makes your skin look like crap, just sayin’.

Ok, so in order to keep on track and stick with this challenge, I have to get rid of the chips and now the popcorn. Can we say “Trigger Foods”??

Dinner tonight is artichokes (0 WW points) with the yummy dip my hubby makes for them and that’s only 1 point because it has mayo in it. Not too bad for one of the tougher meals of the day!

How was your day?

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Beauty From The Inside Out…Day 4


I always believe that a Monday gives you a fresh start! As much as Monday seems to be the most-dreaded day of the week, I try to look at it as a new beginning. I love to wake up to a new day and a new set of challenges.

Here I am, on day 4, and I had a big challenge today. I caved, and gave into my love of potato chips. The great thing about WW is I can have the chips, but I have to keep it to the serving size…that’s the challenge. There are certain foods that some people just can’t stop at the serving size, and this is the food for me. I do not have a sweet tooth, I have a salty-crunchy-fat-tooth!

Potato chips are 4 WW points per serving. When you look at it that way, you think 4 points is not such a big deal. But, those darn little points add up and before you know it, you can be near your daily points range before noon. (Yes, I speak from experience!) Today’s lunch was tuna (2 points) dill relish (0 points) mustard (0 points) 1 tbsp. of mayonnaise (1 point) 2 slices whole wheat bread (3 points) potato chips (4 points) side salad with fresh lime juice as dressing (0 points). All together, this makes for a 10 point lunch. Not a bad lunch…if you don’t count all those chips that somehow made their way down my throat as I was preparing my lunch…so I’ll count 2 servings and eat my points…literally.

One thing I absolutely LOVE about WW is, almost all fruits and veggies are 0 points. Avocado, potatoes, and some other ones I don’t know off the top of my head have points, but for the most part fruits and veggies are 0. I could eat raw veggies all day, and sometimes I do, so this helps me out a lot.

I have my dinner planned for the night already, and I’ll go over my daily allowance by a few, but that’s ok. I’m human, I am trying, and eating all the extra fruit and veggies has me feeling really good. Can’t wait to see what it’s going to do for my skin and nails.

Lesson today: Keep the damn chips out of the house! Sorry family, I know you love them too, but they are going to sabotage me!! I asked this on Facebook today, but in case you didn’t see it, I’ll ask again…what food do you have to break up with? Obviously for me, it’s chips…stupid, stupid chips!!!

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Beauty From The Inside Out…Day 3


Happy Sunday! I’m going to jump right in with my thoughts on today…Holy HARD! The weekends are challenging because I always have that mentality that it’s time to eat and have fun, and fat and calories don’t count. Sunday is the worst time for me. In the past, I would really try to focus on a healthy diet, but come Sunday, it was bring on the trough! I know my family is not really liking the fact that I’m not making major comfort food right now. I cooked for them today, but it was not homemade mac and cheese, or nachos, or loaded potato soup, or something else that’s just as fattening, but so tasty!

I did something this afternoon that would probably piss a lot of women off…I made 3 different things for everyone in the family. I made regular burgers for my husband and one daughter, I made veggie burgers for my almost-vegetarian youngest daughter, and I made turkey meatloaf for myself. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I wanted to make everyone happy and still stay on track. In the past I’ve tried to tell my family, “you’ll eat what I cook for you”. This has worked for my kids, but it makes for a grumpy husband. There’s a commercial I saw today that sums it up…can’t remember the company but its slogan is, “MEN, easier fed than understood.” Translation: don’t try to feed a meat-and-potatoes guy fish and steamed veggies; it ain’t gonna happen.

So far for the day I’ve stayed within my WW points range, and I don’t see anything that’s going to derail me at this point. I have indulged with potato chips today though. Seriously, I just can’t keep the stupid things in the house!

In case you’re wondering, my daily WW points range is 30 per day. I get 49 for a weekly allowance of treats, or mishaps. The amount of points you get is determined by your height/weight, and as you lose weight (sorry, REMOVE…we don’t want to find what we’ve lost in this case!) your points go down. So far, I’ve only used 16 points for my day. That gives me some wiggle room with my dinner, and of course, my chardonnay!

I have a great recipe for Feta and veggie frittata’s…they make a very easy and filling breakfast, and they keep for about a week, but they won’t last that long, they are SO good. If you want the recipe, let me know and I’ll email it to you!

Have a good Sunday night, and wish me luck this week. I’ve got some serious challenges headed my way this week!

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Beauty From The Inside Out…Day 2


I’m not going to lie, weekends are hard! Usually on the weekends, it’s a free-for-all and I’m trying to get some control on that. So, this being a Saturday and having everyone home, and not pigging-out, has been a challenge.

I’ve discovered I like to cook. I don’t mind making a big, extravagant meal for my family. Being in the kitchen, knowing I’m making something everyone is going to enjoy, and not stop talking about makes me happy. I guess feeding them feeds my ego. I haven’t put a stop to cooking for my family, but I’ve pulled back a bit so I can focus on my health, and my well-being.

I think the biggest challenge I ALWAYS come up against is breakfast. I hate to eat in the morning! (Raise your hand if you agree!). I am just not hungry, and everything I’ve read, or I’ve been taught, tells me that you NEED to eat in the morning. I want to know why. Why do I have to force food down my throat if I don’t really want it? Why do I have to (sometimes literally) choke down a breakfast, just because it’s the right thing to do, when the last thing I want to do is eat?? Rumor has it, if you don’t eat breakfast, you’re putting yourself at risk to overeat throughout your day…and other mumbo jumbo I’m just not interested in. Bottom line: I hate breakfast and I only eat it because, apparently, I have to. End of story. Save me the lectures on metabolism and anything else that may be up your sleeve; I just don’t want to eat until lunch time!

Ok, enough ranting. I had a sporadic day with eating, but tracking my food keeps me aware of what I’m doing. I’ve planned dinner, which consists of fish and steamed veggies, so I’m good there. HOWEVER, I have only a few points left for my day, meaning I’m going to go over my daily allowance. I’m not worried for two reasons: #1, The foods that made me go over my points were still healthy foods. #2, I still have my weekly allowance to “spend”, so I’m good there.

Having a plan is good. Sometimes, when I don’t plan, I take the easy way out, and that usually consists of burgers and fries (Ohhh burgers! YUM!!)

Day 2=success. I feel good! How was your day?

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Beauty From The Inside Out…Day 1

choiceDay 1

All in all, it was a good day. I really paid attention to what I was eating and I tracked every bite that went into my mouth.

I’m not going to lie…potato chips were calling my name all day today. There they were, sitting on the counter in the kitchen, and around 2:00 they started to talk to me. “Brooke, we taste good. We are salty, and crunchy, and we know if you start indulging in us, we’re going to make you feel so satisfied“…said the devil on my shoulder. The angel put me in my place and said, “while they may give you all those feelings while you’re indulging, you know you’re going to feel like shit when the binge is over“. Yes, my angel cusses! So, I resisted those potato chips and felt good.

I had a lot of anxiety presenting this challenge for a lot of reasons. #1, trying to remove weight (I say remove, because when you lose something you try to find it. so I’m trying to remove weight and never find it again) is a very private thing and I made the choice to make it public. #2 since I made it public, I am held accountable to not just myself, but to anyone who reads this. #3, starting a new challenge is always stressful, and #4, I want wine! (By the way, I am having wine tonight, I just have to count the points!)

The beauty of the plan I’m following is that nothing is off-limits. I CAN have chips if I want, I just can’t have the whole bag. Also, even though you’re allotted a daily points range, you’re also given a weekly allowance of points in case you want to indulge, or in case you go overboard.

I had healthy meals today, and even though I’m writing this before dinner, I have already planned my dinner and it’s going to be healthy. Chicken breast with salad, no dressing. I’m sure that seems like a total snooze-fest to some, but I happen to love salad without dressing. A little bit of lemon juice goes a long way with making a salad palatable to me. I know many will disagree with that, but my taste buds are satisfied with raw veggies, so I know this works in my favor.

I did a 30 minute workout today…it was actually a 45 minute workout, but I stopped after 30 minutes because I was dragging so much, I just couldn’t finish. I feel good about it, so don’t judge.

What are your thoughts on rewards for weight loss goals? I have been thinking of rewards to motivate myself, but somehow I don’t think my husband will be in agreement with me that a 10 pound loss should be rewarded with a Tiffany diamond! Maybe for every 5 pounds I should get a new lip gloss…because God knows I don’t have enough!

I am looking forward to seeing how this eating and exercising challenge affects my hair, skin and nails. I followed this plan religiously last week, without documenting to all of you, and I lost 2 pounds. It’s amazing what accountability can do for your waistline, and what confidence can do for your self-esteem…and when you feel good, you look good!

As always, questions and comments are always welcome…leave any negative stuff at the door!

You’ve Been Beautified!