Beauty From The Inside Out…Day 19


Today was day 2 of my new workout program I started, and all I can say is, WOW and OW!!! My muscles are on fire! So far, they’re fun workouts, so let’s hope it stays that way so I don’t get bored.

I got a little “snacky” today, and I had a heavier lunch than I should have. Dinner is very light for me, and of course, my friend Chardonnay will be paying me a visit…or two…or three. I really hate that you have to count wine in your points, but it does open your eyes and make you realize how much you have, and it sucks to see those extra weekly points dwindle because of a drink…or two…or three!

That’s about it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my journey so far. It’s amazing that my challenge is over in just a few days; this went by really fast for me!

Have a great night everyone!

You’ve Been Beautified!

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