Beauty From The Inside Out…Days 15-17


Another challenging weekend, but I survived! The funny thing is, my weekends are usually very calm, so the fact that I’ve had back-to-back challenging weekends is just perfect since I’m sharing with everyone, right? Here’s a recap:

Day 15: Date night with my hubby. My husband is a very busy man, so having an entire evening set aside for dinner and a movie was definitely special this week. He took me to a very nice Italian restaurant and then we went to a movie. Once I looked at the menu, I knew I was not going to be able to stay on track 100%. And you know what? That’s ok. That’s what I love about WW; it really supports the world we live in. We had appetizers, we had our main course, and we had dessert. Then we had popcorn at the movie. I’m not too worried because it was a special night and it’s not like we go out all the time. Fun night, good food, special time with my man.

Day 16: I made a pretty indulgent dinner for my family, but still managed to stay within my points. The big thing I noticed when I indulge is, I can only eat about half of what I used to eat when I decided to be “bad”. That is a victory in itself, because in the past I would eat and clear my plate and then feel awful. I stopped when I was full, and didn’t feel awful!

Day 17: Got right back on track today and had a good day. It feels good to cheat here and there, but getting back on the wagon and knowing I’m doing the right thing for my body (and my vanity) feels good!

Just a few more days with this challenge, but I will continue with WW. I’ve thought of a few other challenges I might want to share. Are you interested? Thoughts and comments are always welcome!

You’ve Been Beautified!

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