Beauty From The Inside Out…Day 14


Officially 2 weeks into my 3 week challenge! Thanks for staying with me, if you’ve been reading along. I haven’t been perfect in this self-challenge, but I’ve learned some things in the past few weeks and I’ll take that knowledge and put it to use as I move forward. And yes, I do plan to move forward after the 21 days is over, and continue to count WW points.

Today was a good day. I had some cravings, but I’ve noticed when my cravings start to get out of control, that means I need to eat. I made a yummy smoked salmon pizza on a whole wheat tortilla for lunch today. Paired with a big salad, it was very filling and I didn’t have a huge urge to snack in the late afternoon. I did snack, but I kept it healthy.

I’m looking forward to going into this weekend with a clear head, and no obstacles since I will be home all weekend…yay! I haven’t moved as much as I should have this week, and I’m feeling lazy, so it’s time to get a good workout in tomorrow! I’m starting a new exercise program on Monday and I’m looking forward to that!

How was your day?

You’ve Been Beautified!

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