Beauty From The Inside Out…Days 8-10


Weekends are hard…very hard! When I first started this challenge, I started it on a Friday, so going into the weekend was a challenge, but I was still motivated and driven to get through the weekend.

Let’s fast-forward to this following weekend. I found myself in a situation that I hoped wouldn’t make me fall off the wagon, but fall off, I did!

I made a very fast trip back to Colorado to see my family for the weekend. For those of you who know me personally, please understand why I didn’t mention I was coming back to Colorado. My time there was very short, and when you throw a snowstorm in the mix, it was even shorter. So, here’s the recap by day:

Day 8: (The calm before the storm) I had a very small breakfast because I knew I would be eating lunch out, and I really didn’t do too bad at lunch. I shared an appetizer and then had a chicken and shrimp entrée, so I had the confidence that I was still on track. Here’s where Friday went Kaput! I met with my sisters for dinner at a very nice restaurant. Originally, we had a family dinner planned for Saturday, but we were pretty sure that white crap that falls from the sky had different plans for us, so to make sure I saw everyone in my family, the sisters went to dinner. It was decadent, it was yummy, it was way too much! I found myself feeling like it hurt to take a deep breath! I felt bad physically, but emotionally I felt satisfied…maybe it had to do with the wine, laughter, and yummy desserts.

Day 9: The snow came in as expected and didn’t let up all day. When I had planned my trip to see my family, we had planned on a big family dinner. Knowing the Colorado weather is really unpredictable, we went ahead and made our huge meal, hoping it would let up. It didn’t let up, but here we had a ton of comfort food that had been prepared all day, so what were we going to do? Eat it, of course!

Day 10: I slept like crap overnight before heading out of Colorado and back home to California (Yes, CA is home now). I had eaten too much the night before, and I was anxious about getting home and hoping nothing would be cancelled due to crappy weather. (FYI, I don’t care if CO needs the moisture, I HATE snow, and I didn’t care to see it, and I sure as hell didn’t miss it!) I met my kids at the airport because they had been with their dad, and we started our 5+ hour journey home. Again, I didn’t eat breakfast, I had a mediocre, yet horribly expensive airport lunch during a layover, so when my husband suggested McDonald’s for dinner when we finally got home, there was no argument from me.

The lesson learned this weekend was this: I am human (I’ll say that a lot!), I let stress and inconvenience get the best of me, and I felt like 100% crap that I had put all this indulgent food into my body. My skin looked bad, and felt extra oily, there were bags under my eyes that I could have packed my luggage in, and my stomach was in constant turmoil.

I am completely looking forward to getting back on track tomorrow and having some clean meals. I also really noticed how much traveling dehydrates you.

Word of advice, remember your fruits and veggies, drink water, and get your rest! Although I felt bad physically because of the weekend, I don’t feel bad emotionally. I’m learning how to do this! Plus, it was really good to see my family, even for a short time.

Have a great start to the week!

You’ve Been Beautified!