Beauty From The Inside Out…Day 6


Ok, today was a much easier day than yesterday and I know why. I didn’t touch a chip, or that low-cal popcorn that derailed me the last 2 days. Funny how something that’s supposed to be healthy messed with me! I had a good protein-packed breakfast and a sandwich for lunch that was really good. I came across a new product today that punched up the flavor of the sandwich and I didn’t miss a lovely side of, you guessed it, chips! Have any of you tried the sandwich spreads by Mezzetta? Oh, my goodness, they are so good! No need for mayo, or even mustard with these on your sandwich. I had the Peperoncini & Feta spread today. It was pretty spicy, but it had so much flavor. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Another thing that worked in my favor for success today was the fact that I was busy and was out of the house. Like I said, I am not working right now and because I don’t know anyone out here, I am home by myself a lot. When I have things to do, it takes my mind off munching and I didn’t miss those salty snacks that have been such an issue. Note to self: Keep busy! Any tips from anyone on how to get social in a new area are welcome. It’s amazing how boredom can make you want to eat. Before you chime in just know that we have a gym here at our apartment, I have volunteered at my daughter’s school, and I have my WW meetings. Still no luck in finding a Nor-Cal BF (not that my CO BFs can be replaced, but I need a pal, people!) I’ve seriously considered some kind of personal ad for a friend, but I’m pretty positive it will be misinterpreted and cause me all kinds of problems.

I do like to exercise. I don’t like to gear up to exercise, but I always feel really good when I’m done, and I know the circulation you get from a workout is great for your skin!

One great spot in my day: My WW meeting leader saw a post I had put on the Facebook page of our local WW group, and she sent me a private email to check on me and make sure I got the answers I needed to hear. That was a bright spot in my day. It’s really great to have the support of your WW leader because they have been there and they know what you’re going through and they know when you start to slip. I swear it’s like she can read my mind sometimes! I was going to say you can’t buy that kind of support, but since I pay a monthly fee for WW, I guess I am buying it. Ha ha! She’s awesome. She lost 76 pounds with WW and has kept it off for about 15 years. She’s adorable, and has a sassy little hair cut that I could never pull off.

Thanks for reading! I’m nearly one week into this, and so far, so good.

You’ve Been Beautified!