Beauty From The Inside Out…Day 5


Only 5 days into this self-challenge, and I think today was the hardest. Didn’t I go on and on about how hard the weekends were? What the heck went on with a basic Monday??

I’ve stayed within my WW points range, but I have the munchies like you wouldn’t believe! (No, I haven’t been smoking anything) Reflecting on my day, I know what I need to do in the days ahead of me. I need to bulk up on protein and fiber and stay away from the bad carbs…they just make me hungry after a short time, they seem like empty calories, and they can be a culprit in making your skin look not-so-good.

Yesterday I wrote about my battle with potato chips, well popcorn is another evil substance for me! I have those small 100 calorie packs of microwave popcorn (3 WW points), and that’s a great snack, but I’ve realized it’s not a filling snack, and it just gets the crunchy-munchy factor going. Looks like I have to break up with popcorn for a while too. Wow…between chips and popcorn, that’s 2 break-ups in 2 days. That’s actually fine, because as long as I don’t have these snacks around, I don’t have a problem.

I have some things stressing me out right now, and that’s not helping. Also, one week out of every month, I am hungry 24-7. I think you can all crack that code, so I won’t elaborate…but that one week also makes your skin look like crap, just sayin’.

Ok, so in order to keep on track and stick with this challenge, I have to get rid of the chips and now the popcorn. Can we say “Trigger Foods”??

Dinner tonight is artichokes (0 WW points) with the yummy dip my hubby makes for them and that’s only 1 point because it has mayo in it. Not too bad for one of the tougher meals of the day!

How was your day?

You’ve Been Beautified!