Beauty From The Inside Out…Day 3


Happy Sunday! I’m going to jump right in with my thoughts on today…Holy HARD! The weekends are challenging because I always have that mentality that it’s time to eat and have fun, and fat and calories don’t count. Sunday is the worst time for me. In the past, I would really try to focus on a healthy diet, but come Sunday, it was bring on the trough! I know my family is not really liking the fact that I’m not making major comfort food right now. I cooked for them today, but it was not homemade mac and cheese, or nachos, or loaded potato soup, or something else that’s just as fattening, but so tasty!

I did something this afternoon that would probably piss a lot of women off…I made 3 different things for everyone in the family. I made regular burgers for my husband and one daughter, I made veggie burgers for my almost-vegetarian youngest daughter, and I made turkey meatloaf for myself. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I wanted to make everyone happy and still stay on track. In the past I’ve tried to tell my family, “you’ll eat what I cook for you”. This has worked for my kids, but it makes for a grumpy husband. There’s a commercial I saw today that sums it up…can’t remember the company but its slogan is, “MEN, easier fed than understood.” Translation: don’t try to feed a meat-and-potatoes guy fish and steamed veggies; it ain’t gonna happen.

So far for the day I’ve stayed within my WW points range, and I don’t see anything that’s going to derail me at this point. I have indulged with potato chips today though. Seriously, I just can’t keep the stupid things in the house!

In case you’re wondering, my daily WW points range is 30 per day. I get 49 for a weekly allowance of treats, or mishaps. The amount of points you get is determined by your height/weight, and as you lose weight (sorry, REMOVE…we don’t want to find what we’ve lost in this case!) your points go down. So far, I’ve only used 16 points for my day. That gives me some wiggle room with my dinner, and of course, my chardonnay!

I have a great recipe for Feta and veggie frittata’s…they make a very easy and filling breakfast, and they keep for about a week, but they won’t last that long, they are SO good. If you want the recipe, let me know and I’ll email it to you!

Have a good Sunday night, and wish me luck this week. I’ve got some serious challenges headed my way this week!

You’ve Been Beautified!