August Beauty Contest!

For all your beauty advice…

Ok everyone, here it is…the beauty giveaway for the month of August! Last month, I was able to have multiple winners, and guess what?? I get to have them this month, too!

Believe Skin Care has generously donated some amazing products to be given away so you can try before you buy and fall in love. I know I’m doing this backwards, because usually I review the product before I offer it up in a contest, but I’m so excited about the prizes, I couldn’t wait!

Here is what is up for grabs:
AHA Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser. This is a cream cleanser that really breaks down makeup and makes your skin feel wonderful!
Anti-Aging Serum. Great treatment product to conquer fine lines before they start, or help minimize their appearance if they’ve shown up!
Eye Believe Eye Cream. HUGE pot of eye cream! Most eye creams come in a tiny tube, but this one comes in a large pot for eye cream. VERY moisturizing and nourishing.
Sweet Vanilla Perfume. A roller ball full of yummy vanilla fragrance. Roller balls are great for travel, or to keep in your bag to reapply when you need. This sweet vanilla scent smells so good, I want to eat it…or win it!!
And last, but certainly not least, Spicy Apple Beer Soap. Yup, you read that right, Beer Soap! It smells SO good!!

All of these products are great for sensitive skin. I’ve had the opportunity to try everything that’s up for grabs this month, and I fell in love immediately!!

Here’s how this contest is going to work this month…since there are so many goodies, I am going to have 4 winners.
1st place winner will receive the AHA Anti-Aging Cleanser and the Anti-aging serum
2nd place winner will receive the Eye Believe Eye Cream
3rd place winner will receive the roller ball perfume in Sweet Vanilla
4th place winner will receive the Spicy Apple Beer Soap

To place in this contest, I am asking you to spread the word to your friends. Get them to like my Facebook page and have them tell me you’re the one who sent them. The person with the most entries will win 1st place, and so on. While you’re at it, check out Believe Skin Care’s Facebook page as well. Awesome products at amazing prices.

Thank you everyone, and good luck!!

You’ve Been Beautified!

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