Product Review…Carlene K Shine Bronzer Body Glow

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Ok, I’ll admit it…I’m not a fan of tanning naturally, I haven’t tried a Mystic tan yet, No matter how hard I try to open my mind, I don’t like self-tanners, and I hate, hate, hate tanning beds!! That being said, I still want some color. Yes, I want it all…what’s wrong with that? I have a good natural, olive-tone to my skin, so I don’t look too pasty year-round, but sometimes I need a little extra color.

I’ve been playing around with bronzing lotion lately, and I’ve fallen in love with a particular brand. Carlene K. bronzing lotion is amazing for adding some color to your skin! When I was first introduced to bronzing lotion, I was a little lost. Where would I put it? How would I apply it? What’s the point?

Well, the first rule of thumb is this: don’t over-think it. A bronzing lotion is exactly what it claims to be…a lotion that bronzes your skin…just like a bronzing powder. Carlene K. bronzer is so easy to apply, and it can go on as light as you want it, or build on the application, and make it darker. And where do you apply a bronzing lotion? Honestly, anywhere you are wanting a little bit of color. With a bronzing powder, the basic “rule” is, apply it where the sun would naturally hit your skin. So, apply it to your shoulders, your chest, even your cheek bones, and the bridge of your nose. It’s also great to use on your legs to even out the coloring and make veins, scars, or bruises less apparent.

Carlene K.comes out of the tube as a dark color, but it goes on very natural and gives a beautiful sun-kissed look. It smells amazing, it has anti-aging benefits from vitamins C and E; it also has pumpkin extract to boost elastic tissue and restore firmness to the skin. It’s been used on tons of Hollywood beauties, and was even used on Dancing With The Stars! I love how it applies to the skin evenly, and it’s non transferrable  so it won’t rub off on your clothes while you have it on. Removing it is so easy, just take a wet washcloth and rub it off.

I hope you get to try this bronzing lotion, it’s one of my new favorites! Have you tried it yet? Let me know your thoughts!

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7 thoughts on “Product Review…Carlene K Shine Bronzer Body Glow

  1. I haven’t tried it. I did tried some body make up for my legs but that did not work well. it covered very good but it did rub of on my clothes 😦

    1. Hi Ellen! Some bronzing lotions rub off on everything! I was pleasantly surprised that this one didn’t show up on my clothes. In extreme temperatures, it might, but my experience with it was a great one!

  2. Jenny

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I am leaning towards it. I was wondering how easily it washes off? I know there are some days when I would want some color, but I would not want it to look weird if I have to wait days for it to come off. Also, can this be applied on face or just on arms, legs, shoulders, etc.

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