Q&A Monday

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Good morning and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Thanks for the great questions this week. Read on about hair removal creams, sleeping with your makeup on, and water for beautiful skin.

Dear Brooke, I am sick of shaving my legs every day and I am afraid of the pain involved in waxing. I have been thinking about using a hair removal cream, but wanted your thoughts on them. Do they work? Is there any pain involved? And what brand would you recommend? Thanks! Dara B.

Dear Dara, Let me just start by saying, waxing really isn’t that bad. Is it painful? Yes, but it’s over so fast you barely remember it. Hair removal creams can be a good option, but there are some drawbacks to using them. They take a lot of time to work, so you have to sit still with the cream on your legs for 5-10 minutes. After a few minutes, they start to sting…bad, and then you still have to wait for the recommended time to go by…and that is NOT fun, let me tell you! And, sometimes they don’t remove all the hair you want gone in one session. So, if you’re still willing to go for it, there are some good brands out there to try. Nair, Veet, and Serious Skin Care are brands I have tried. Out of the 3 of them, I think Veet is the most effective. Let me know which one you try, and what you think!

Dear Brooke, I work odd hours, and sometimes I am so beat, I just fall asleep with my makeup on. I try not to do it, but it’s been happening more lately. How bad is this habit? Am I really causing damage to my skin? Allison M.

Dear Allison, We have all been guilty of falling asleep with our makeup on! I’m certainly not proud of myself when I let this happen, but it’s a horrible habit to get into. Falling asleep with your makeup on clogs your pores, and that leads to pimples. Not cleaning your face sets you up for premature aging, and an uneven complexion. If you’re truly that tired and can’t even imagine getting your face wet to clean off the day, keep some makeup remover wipes by your bed and at least do a quick swipe for the nights you just can’t do it. Your skin will thank you…and so will I!

Dear Brooke, I know you’re supposed to drink lots of water throughout the day to make your skin look great, but I’ve never liked water. I drink my coffee in the morning, and have a variety of drinks throughout the day…doesn’t that count as my water? Lisa M.

Dear Lisa, Sorry to say nothing is going to replace water. Coffee, tea, and soda have caffeine in them, and caffeine is a major culprit of dry skin. If you have dry skin already, not drinking any water can cause more dryness. If it’s a taste thing, or lack thereof, with water, add some fruit slices like orange and/or lemon to make it more appealing. Water is good for you inside and out, so drink up! In our super-sized world, an 8 oz. glass of water looks like a shot, so add it into your daily beverage intake between other drinks. You’ll notice a big difference in how your skin looks and feels!

Once again, thanks for the great questions this week, keep them coming! Email me your questions for Q&A Monday to brookeknowsbeauty@hotmail.com

You’ve Been Beautified!

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