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Good morning and Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend, and stayed cool in the heat. Thanks for the great questions this week! Read on about hair color that turned brassy, what I recommend in a flat-iron, and removing stubborn lip stain.

Dear Brooke, I did my own hair color about a month ago. It was a very pretty golden blonde that I got a lot of compliments on, but a few weeks after I colored it, my hair started to look brassy and almost orange, especially on the ends of my hair. I prefer to do my own color because of cost, so how can I make sure this doesn’t happen? Angie L.

Dear Angie, I have a hunch most people, including yourself, might be braced for a lecture from me on doing your own color. I’m not going to do that. You can still do it yourself at home, but a few changes need to be made. When you choose your next color, stay away from anything with a gold undertone. If you get your hair color at a supply place like Sally Beauty Supply, typically the colors are a number with a letter. 7G for example; the G means gold. If you’re getting your color at a drug store, don’t get anything that uses the word Gold in the description. Gold undertones tend to get brassy, and it can make your hair look orange, and your complexion look sallow. So, stay with a neutral color, and try a color correcting shampoo if you still have that problem. The blue or purple base of a color correcting shampoo with counteract the brassiness, but you will have to use it on a daily basis. Good luck with your next home hair color!

Dear Brooke, what are your favorite styling tools as far as flat irons? What should I be looking for to get the best quality? Madison D.

Dear Madison, With so many flat irons/styling tools on the market right now, I can see how it can be very overwhelming. The two things I look for in a flat-iron are floating panels, and even heat distribution. Floating panels are the plates that heat up to “iron” your hair into your style. If you put your finger on the panel (while it’s off, of course) and press down, the panel will move up and down and side to side. This is an important feature because it moves with you as you pull the tool through your hair and your hair won’t get stuck in the sides of the panels and get ripped out. Even heat distribution is important because if you are using a flat-iron that heats up mostly in the center and just a little toward the ends of the panels, not only will your hair not look completely polished when you’re done, but your hair will also get some damage in certain spots. Even heat distribution will make sure all the hair is getting the same amount of heat for the best style, and health for your hair. My favorites? Croc, T3, and Sultra.

Dear Brooke, I have discovered lip stains, and I am in love! The only problem is, if I wear the same color a few days in a row, it won’t budge when I go to remove it. I like to wear different colors on different days, but my lips seem permanently stained and other colors won’t show on me. How can I remove the stain all the way? Heather P.

Dear Heather, I don’t know what method you’re using now to get the lip stain off, but I’ll share with you a few methods I’ve used in the past. If you have some Vaseline on hand, put some on your lips, and let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it off. That should get most of the stain off your lips, if not all of it. If the stain is really stubborn, mix sugar with olive oil and gently buff that on your lips to exfoliate the top surface and break down the color of the stain. When all else fails, I’ve been known to take eye makeup remover to my lips to get rid of a stubborn stain…just make sure you don’t get it in your mouth! Hope that helps.

Thanks again for the great questions this week, keep them coming! Email me your questions for Q&A Monday to brookeknowsbeauty@hotmail.com

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