Q&A Monday/June Contest Prize

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Good morning, and Happy Monday! I’m going to do something a little different on this Q&A Monday. Since it’s Memorial Day, I wanted to keep it short so everyone can spend time being thankful to our troops for all they do for our country. So, I am going to feature one question, and then let you know what the prize is going to be for the June contest. So, read on and get ready to enter the June contest to win a great prize!

Dear Brooke, my daughter came home on the last day of school, with Sharpie all over her face. Soap and water aren’t doing the trick. Do you have any idea how long will this stay on her, and do you have any tips to get it off? Kristine K.

Dear Kristine, You have to love the courage these kids have to doodle on their faces. Or maybe it’s not courage…hmmm? Ok, she won’t look like a cartoon strip forever, I promise. The Sharpie will fade over a few days because the natural oils in her skin will break it down and it will disappear. Soap and water aren’t going to help. Rubbing alcohol, or even nail polish remover will get the stains off, but if it’s near her eyes at all, do not use either one. You can also put some oil on a cotton ball and rub that into her skin and then have her wash. That might not get rid of it completely, but it will make a big difference. Hopefully she’ll keep the Sharpie away from her face! Hope that helps!

Ok, now on to the prize for the June Contest! A while ago, I wrote a review for a tinted moisturizer called Intellishade. It matches every skin tone, and it’s got an SPF of 45. It’s amazing! And now, thanks to the generous donation from Zing USA, I have one to offer to one lucky winner in the month of June. So, stay tuned, that contest will be coming up this week!

Have a safe Memorial Day, and remember to always say Thank You to the brave ones who keep our country safe!

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