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I still haven’t decided if I am all for the whole hair-color-fading-from-dark-to-light thing. Now I’m reading about keeping with the Ombre trend, but on your nails. So what is it, and how is it done? Well, the concept is to give the appearance of your nail polish going from light to dark, so each individual finger is polished a different color. It’s suggested that you stay within one color range. If you choose purple as your main color, you would have a very light lavender shade on your pinky. Your ring finger would be a slighty deeper shade of purple, and so on until you have the darkest shade in the purple family on your thumb.

Ok, I get it, but I don’t like it. The whole point of the Ombre technique is to fade. Having each nail polished a totally different color just looks to me like you can’t make up your mind. It looks like you had a 5-year-old polish your nails. And I can say that, because when my daughters were that age and they wanted to give me a manicure, that’s pretty much how my nails ended up! There’s nothing fluid to having each nail a different color, even if they’re all a variation of one color.

So, if you’re loving the Ombre craze and want to get behind this trend, here’s what I would suggest: Find a nail technician who is great with an airbrush and can create an Ombre look on each individual nail. I am sure some of my nail art savvy readers can figure out a way to do it yourself on each individual nail, so if you have any tips you want to share, throw them my way and I’ll share with everyone!

Ok, what are your thoughts? Ombre nails: Do or Don’t? I look forward to your response!

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