Mother’s Day Beauty Gifts

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With Mother’s Day less than a week away, I thought I would write about some ideas for some great gifts to honor mom, and show her how much we appreciate everything she does on a daily basis. While chocolate, flowers and brunch are always great gifts, I thought I would point out the beauty gifts that will definitely make her day.

Fragrance. If mom is a fragrance lover, perfume is as safe as chocolate and flowers. There are so many fragrances to choose from, and you might think mom wants to try something new. However, unless she’s specifically told you there is a new scent she wants to try, stick with one of her signature scents. Trust me. One year, I thought it would be great to get my siblings to go in on this great fragrance for mom. It was expensive, it had a designer name, it smelled good in the bottle. Well, it must not have smelled so great on her, because over 10 years later, when she was no longer with us, that bottle was still on her vanity 90% full. So, stick with mom’s faves, and look for a gift set that includes extras, those are always fun.

Lotion. Not just any old lotion you can buy from the drug store, I’m talking really nice, luxurious lotion. L’Occitane, Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop, etc. Stores like that have some of the greatest lotions on the face of the earth, and unless mom is stuck on Lubriderm, she will love getting some luxurious hydration.

Makeup. Ok, I know that seems kind of strange, because we buy our own makeup, right? Sure we do, but if mom has a favorite makeup brand she uses regularly, stick with the brand and get her something unique within that brand that she wouldn’t get herself. It seems like every brand is coming out with some kind of color palette, whether it’s eyeshadow, or bronzers, or even concealors, there’s something in there she will like.

Skin care. It can be as personal as makeup, but if you know mom sticks with a certain line of skin care, then indulge her in a product that she’s been talking about, but hasn’t taken the plunge to try it because of the price. By making that big purchase for her, you’ll be showing her she’s worth it, and it’s important she take care of herself, since she takes care of you.

Spa Day. Most spas aren’t open on Mother’s Day, since it falls on a Sunday, but setting up a spa day, or getting mom a gift certificate to a spa is a gift that will not fail! Check out local spas around you and call them to see if they have any Mother’s Day specials. Set up a Mother/Daughter day at the spa. If you can’t afford a spa day out, create a spa day in. Set up a foot bath for mom and give her a home pedicure. While she’s soaking, wait on her hand and foot. Have a glass of wine for her, serve her some appetizers, give her a magazine to read and let her relax.

Gratitude. This is just a little something you should be giving mom every day. Say thank you for the things she does for you, big and small. Tell her you love her and appreciate her. And just know that if you wake up one day and realize you’ve turned into her…it’s not such a bad thing after all.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. Whether you’re with us or not, you will always be appreciated!

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