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Good morning, and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend, and you are enjoying the nice spring weather. Is it just me, or has it been really, really windy?? Thanks for the great questions this week! Read on about using essential oil as perfume, my favorite lipsticks, and multitasking tweezers.

Dear Brooke, I am wanting to start using Sandalwood essential oil as a fragrance. Without causing any damage, or feeling greasy, what’s the best way to apply an essential oil? Thanks! Kristine K.

Dear Kristine, Let me start by saying, good choice on the scent! I am a big fan of Sandalwood. The first thing you want to be aware of is, never apply an essential oil to your skin without somehow diluting it first. You can put it in a carrier oil, but that’s going to be best used for a bath, or a massage. To use essential oil on a daily basis as your signature fragrance, add it to your body lotion. A few drops will go a very long way, so you won’t go through it too fast. Use a fragrance-free body lotion, and pump some into your hand, then add a few drops and mix together and you’re good to go! Another fun thing to try would be to add some to solid shea butter and you’ve got yourself a customized solid perfume. Hope that helps!

Dear Brooke, I’m curious to know, what are your favorite lipstick brands? Both from the drugstore and from department stores? Roberta N.

Dear Roberta, That’s kind of a tough question to answer! I would be lying if I said I never met a lipstick I didn’t like, but it’s the truth when I say, I’ve never met a lipstick I didn’t try! Off the top of my head, I am going to make the drugstore winner L’Oreal lipstick. I use it almost daily. It comes in a great range of colors, makes your lips feel nice and smooth, and it has some great staying power. Choosing a department store favorite is tough because how do I choose between all of them? The first one that comes to mind is MAC. It has a great texture, the color range is amazing, and it stays put, too. Also, MAC, is such a great brand, and their products are really affordable even though you can only find them in department stores, and their own store. That doesn’t mean I’m not crazy about other high-end, luxury brands, but this one certainly stands out with me and is a true favorite!

Dear Brooke, I was wondering if it’s safe/sanitary to use the same tweezers on my brows as I do to remove splinters and all the other things tweezers help with? I don’t really want to invest in another set, but wanted your thoughts on this. Thanks! Kelly T.

Dear Kelly, Using your tweezers as a multitasking tool isn’t a problem, just make sure you’re treating them with proper care. If you’re using them to remove a splinter, boil them for a few minutes after you use them for that. When you’re using them for tweezing, clean them with rubbing alcohol between uses. If your tweezers came with a little plastic cap, don’t throw that away, put it on the tweezers between uses. If they fall off a counter, they will keep their sharp tip if they’re protected with that cap.

Thanks again for the great questions, keep them coming! Email me your questions for Q&A Monday to brookeknowsbeauty@hotmail.com

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