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I’ve always been a fan of hair masks, and scalp treatments. Sometimes I make them at home with ingredients I have in my kitchen, and sometimes I buy them. I have been reading about the Tea Tree line of hair care from Paul Mitchell and I got my hands on their scalp treatment recently, and I wanted to write about it.

The smell was the first thing I noticed about it. It smells amazing with a blend of Tea Tree, Lavender, and Peppermint oils. I was coming off a head cold when I tried it, and it opened my sinuses up all the way. Nice side benefit! Most scalp treatments come in pure oil form, which can make them messy. This is creamy, like a conditioner, which gives you some control in applying the product to your hair and scalp. Tiny exfoliating beads feel great on your scalp, and are easy to rinse away.

In order to get all the benefits of a scalp treatment, you want to keep it on as long as the directions suggest. When I tried it, I was in the shower already, and didn’t have the patience to stand there and massage it into my scalp for 5 minutes. I think I did it for about 2 minutes, but it still felt great. Next time I try it, I will make sure to apply it a few minutes before I get in the shower so I can get the full 5 minute treatment.

The only thing I didn’t really like about this product is, the directions are vague. It simply says to apply to hair and scalp and massage for 3-5 minutes. It doesn’t say if you should apply to wet hair, dry hair, etc. I know what steps to take with a scalp treatment, from doing hair for so many years. But, I know some people may buy the product, get it home, and then truly wonder how they use it. Has that happened to you?

The best way to use this product is to gently brush your hair to detangle, then apply the product to dry hair/scalp, then massage for a few minutes. Get in a steamy shower, and let the steam open up the pores and the product will soak in deeper. Rinse out, and shampoo and condition as you normally do.

This is a great treatment for men and women. It doesn’t smell fruity, flowery, or “girly” in any way. It smells very spa-like, and makes your hair and scalp feel great. Have you tried it? Have you tried any of the new Tea Tree products from Paul Mitchell? Tell me what you think!

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