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Good morning, and Happy Monday!! Spring is officially here…yippee!! I love it when the seasons change. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Thank you for the great questions this week. Read on about exfoliating, getting volume in your hair, and doing braids for waves.

Dear Brooke, I have been breaking out a lot lately, and I finally have that under control. My problem is, now I have red blotches left behind and my skin feels flaky. I haven’t added anything special to my skin care routine, because I don’t know what to add. I use cleanser and moisturizer, and that’s it. What can I do to get my skin looking and feeling smooth? Thanks! LaToya W.

Dear LaToya, I am happy to hear that you have your breakouts under control…not a lot of people can say that! If all you’re using is a cleanser and a moisturizer, it’s time to add a mask and some exfoliation to your routine. By adding these steps, you’ll slough off that top layer of skin and help spots left behind by acne fade. You didn’t mention what skin care you are using, but I am sure whatever you use will have a scrub and a mask to work with the other products you use. Ease yourself into masking and exfoliating…I would use each product just once a week to start and get your skin used to new steps. Too much too soon could break you out again. Good luck!

Dear Brooke, when I style my hair, I tease the crown, spray tons of hairspray in that area, tease it some more and spray it some more. Within an hour it’s flat! How can I get volume and get it to stay? Alex J.

Dear Alex, All the spraying and teasing you’re doing is a lot of energy to exert…especially when it falls flat. If you’re needing some extra volume, you need to start with the right products. I’m a big fan of Big Sexy Hair. I love their Spray and Play hairspray, and their Root Pump Volumizing Mousse. Before you blow dry your hair, spray the Root Pump in the crown area of your hair and work it in with your fingers. When you style, turn your head upside down and blow dry the roots in the opposite direction they normally lay. Another trick I like to do for volume is, put some velcro rollers in the top section of your hair and aim the blow dryer on the rollers. You can still tease the area if you need to, but if you use the right products, you shouldn’t need to tease and spray as much as you have been. Good luck!

Dear Brooke, My daughter loves to have her hair braided at night after her bath so she can have curly hair in the morning. I’ve thought of doing this to give my hair a different style without a major commitment to a perm. Can an adult pull this off? Ashley B.

Dear Ashley, Sure! Braiding your hair at night is an old trick I am sure we have all tried at one time or another. It’s a great way to get a new look fast, and like you said, there’s no commitment. The key to braiding your hair as a grown up is to braid much bigger sections than you put in your daughter’s hair. The smaller the braid, the kinkier the hair will look when it dries. I would try it the first time on a day off to make sure you don’t have a hair emergency in the morning. If it’s a little too curly/kinky the next morning, don’t do an overnight braid. Try blow drying your hair until it’s about 80% dry, and then put in some thick braids. Blow dry the braids, and when your hair is dry, remove them and you’ll have some waves. If you have straight ends, take a curling iron to them and just bend the straight end, so you’ll have uniform waves.

Thanks again for the great questions this week, keep them coming! Email me your questions for Q&A Monday to brookeknowsbeauty@hotmail.com

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2 thoughts on “Q&A Monday

  1. Hi Brooke, thanks for the post again, very helpful. BTW I found a great way of getting controlled curls in my hair by making a messy bun of my hair: bind your hair one time in an elastic band, then pull it half way through it and then again wrap the elastic band around it. Pull some hair out of it and let it stay for the day (It looks really good this type of bun), then at the evening, you take the bun out. You hair looks curly and playful.
    Have a wonderful week!

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