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If you’re a fan of anything by Burt’s Bees, (and I am) and you’ve been paying attention to their new products lately, (and I have) you may have noticed a few different body lotions making an appearance. Burt’s Bees has always offered a milk and honey body lotion, but now we have some choices. From fragrance free, to 24 hour moisture, to slightly shimmering, it looks like there is a lotion for everyone. I just recently tried the Radiance Body Lotion, and of course, I thought it was my duty to report on it and let you know what I think of it.

Like the rest of Burt’s products, it’s made with natural ingredients and packaged in recycled packaging. The prominent ingredient in this lotion is Royal Jelly, which is a substance that has many vitamins and nutrients, which means it’s amazing for your skin. Radiance Body Lotion is also formulated with natural mica to give your body a subtle glow, making your skin look radiant.

So, how does it perform? Well, of course I notice the smell first. I love the smell of honey in products, and this one does not disappoint. It smells sweet, like honey, but not overbearing. The consistency of this is a little thinner than what you might expect from a body lotion, but it smooths over the skin nicely. It doesn’t absorb very fast, so you have some time to work it in. The mica in it that gives you the shimmer effect is very subtle, so you don’t look sparkly, and you don’t feel the pieces of the mica when you’re applying the lotion.

I’m thinking this lotion is going to be hit or miss with people. It’s a hit because of how it smells and the fact that the shimmer doesn’t look like shimmer, it really does just make your skin look like it’s glowing. It’s a miss because of the fact that it doesn’t absorb very fast, and it can start to feel sticky on your skin. Also, if you get way too much on your skin, the layers of lotion just kind of sit on top of each other and the product can build up on your skin and start turning into balls of lotion. The only reason I know that is because I had way too much on…trial and error, my friends.

I’m not giving this an amazing review, but I’m not giving it an awful one, either. I think it’s a great lotion for specific parts of your body, not all over. It is perfect for your legs, especially now during the winter months, because most of us have lost any tan we might have had, and the shimmer in this will give them a slight glow. I suggest using this lotion on parts of your body you might want to call attention to…legs, shoulders, collar bone, arms, etc. It’s more of a specialty lotion than an everyday lotion.

Have any of you tried this one yet? If so, what do you think? I look forward to your thoughts!

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