Sunscreen Sound Off!!

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I know it may seem strange to be writing about sunscreen during winter, but I’ve been intrigued with it lately. I recently came across an article where Victoria’s Secret Model, Gisele has called sunscreen “poison” and said she would never use it on her skin. This has a lot of people sounding off in the industry. I know I always preach to people the importance of protecting your skin with SPF, you read it in almost every magazine, doctors will tell you that you better apply it daily. But to hear Gisele say she won’t put it on her skin? Well, when you look at someone who epitomizes beauty and perfection, and you hear them say something like this, it makes you wonder…will we all look like her if we stop using it? (Ha ha. No, we won’t look like her. I am convinced that all Victoria’s Secret models are made in a factory somewhere, they are all so beautiful)

Growing up, I always thought if you had darker skin and you could get a tan easy, you didn’t need sunscreen. Then, as I started getting my education in the beauty industry, I learned how important it is to protect your skin from harmful rays that can cause wrinkles, dryness, and skin cancer…among other issues.

Kevin Trudeau, that guy who writes all those books about natural cures “they” don’t want you to know, has even said in one of his books that the sun’s rays don’t cause skin cancer, ingredients in sunscreen does. Hmmmm…I thought that was interesting.

It’s hard to have beliefs, no matter the subject, only to have people say something that starts to make you wonder. So, that is why I am asking you to read this article, and then sound off about the issue.

Thoughts, comments, opinions? Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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