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Good morning, and Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. Did you watch the Grammy’s last night? What was your favorite moment? Thanks for the great questions this week. Read on about missing a step with your skin care, perfecting the nude lip, and how to moisturize insanely dry hair.

Dear Brooke, I recently purchased a serum to incorporate into my skin care routine, but I keep forgetting to use it! My question is, if I wash my face, and put on my moisturizer and then remember my serum, can I still apply it? Will it have any effect at all if I put it on over moisturizer? Kristine K.

Dear Kristine, Good for you on adding a serum to your routine. Adding a new step can be a challenge to remember. Serums are concentrated products that need clean, bare skin to get to the root of any skin issue you’re trying to fix. If you apply a moisturizer and then a serum, there’s too much of a barrier there for the serum to perform to the best of its ability. Typically, serums are pretty expensive and you want to get the most out of them. So, if you forget to apply it and have already applied your moisturizer, forget it for the night. Put a note on your mirror, put the serum somewhere that will get your attention. The only way to get the best results is to use it, and that won’t work if you keep forgetting it! Good luck, and I hope you start seeing the results you’re looking for!

Dear Brooke, I love the nude lip look I keep seeing on celebrities! My problem is, whenever I try to recreate the look for myself, my lips look pasty and pale. Any tips or suggestions on how to look just as fabulous as them? Kathy M.

Dear Kathy, a nude lip can be a tricky line between shimmery and pasty, but it’s very easy to recreate the nude lip you see on red carpet divas. The trick is in the gloss! In my opinion, searching for the perfect nude lipstick is a big pain. Here’s what I suggest: Find a lip liner that is the same shade as your lips. Line your lips, and fill in your lips with the liner. This will give them a natural tint. Top this with a lipgloss that has flecks of gold in it. It will give you a natural, nude lip with some sparkle. It’s such a versatile look that can be worn for an every day look, when you’re going casual, or paired with a smoky eye. Once you find the combo that works right for you, stock up! It won’t go out of style.

Dear Brooke, I have dry hair. Really, really dry hair. It’s thick and coarse, and it always looks and feels brittle. I’ve tried numerous deep conditioners, and leave in conditioners, but they just don’t seem to make my hair feel much softer. What can I do to get my hair in better shape? Lynn C.

Dear Lynn, Certain hair types can be tough to condition. I know the hair type you’re describing, and it is hard to find the right product and the right technique to get your hair into shape. Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment is a great product for hair like yours. It is great at getting really dry hair moisturized, and strengthening brittle hair. It’s expensive, so if you decide you want to try it, just know it costs about $55. Olive oil, and pure Shea Butter are also great products to treat your hair. Using one of the three I suggested, apply it at night, put your hair in a braid (if it’s long enough, if not, sleep on a towel or an old pillow case) and keep the treatment in overnight. When you shower in the morning, rinse the treatment out and your hair should be much softer. Try not to shampoo the next morning, but you may have to, in order to break the deep treatment down. Try to do this at least once a week, twice if your hair doesn’t respond much the first time. Let me know how that works for you!

Thanks again for the great questions, keep them coming! Email me your questions for Q&A Monday to brookeknowsbeauty@hotmail.com

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