Why Are My Nails Doing That?

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I think one of the most common beauty problems people have are with their nails. I get tons of suggestions to do articles on nail disorders, and I get a lot of Q&A Monday questions regarding nail health. So, between my experience, and some good research, I thought I would bring those problems to the table (or the blog) and give you the reasons certain conditions are happening…and a new condition I’ve discovered.

Yellow Nails: A healthy nail looks pink on the bed of the nail (that’s the part that is attached to your skin) and white on the free edge (the part that grows beyond the fingertip). Your nails can turn yellow from wearing nail polish frequently. Why? One reason could be if you wear dark colors a lot, the dark polish could be staining your nail bed. Also, wearing polish all the time, keeps your nail from “breathing” and that can cause a slight discoloration. The best way to get rid of this is to let your nails go au natural for a while, and while they’re taking a break from polish, put some fresh lemon juice on them to bleach out the yellow, and make sure you always apply a base coat in the future to keep nail polish from staining. If you’ve noticed that your nails are yellow for a long period of time, it could mean there’s a health issue, so see your doctor about that.

Splitting/Peeling Nails: When your nails aren’t protected from water,chemicals, and cold, dry air,  the layers of protein the nail is made up of start to detach from one another, causing the nails to split and peel. The best thing you can do to cure this, and then prevent it is make sure your nails are protected. Start by making sure you are moisturizing. When you apply lotion, don’t just apply it to your hands. Make sure you are paying attention to the nails and rubbing the moisture in to them. Keep your nails protected with a clear nail polish. Look for one that adds strength to your nails. Also, any time you think about it, and especially before bed, apply a cuticle cream so your nails get extra moisture overnight and have some time to heal.

Nail Ridges: If there is a dip or a bump on one or more of your nails, it usually means that your nails stopped growing for a short time, due to stress or a health issue. When the nail resumes growth, the ridge is created in the growing out process. (I just had this happen to me) Also, I’ve noticed that ridges and peeling usually occur after I’ve worn artificial nails for any length of time.

I say it all the time: the best thing to do for healthy nails is to keep them out of water, if possible, and moisturize the heck out of them!

And now, the new nail condition I’ve discovered…the Texting Nail: Ok, laugh all you want, but how many of you have noticed the outside top corners of your thumb nails are splitting, peeling and just plain growing funny? It’s all from texting, my friends. I never had a problem with my thumb nails growing. For some reason, they always seemed to be my strongest nail, but ever since I’ve started to communicate via text, my nails don’t look as nice anymore. It makes sense; when you apply pressure to a certain part of your nails on a regular basis, they’re going to start growing funny. I’m going to have to think about what steps we can all take to make sure we all stop suffering from “Texting Nail”, and I welcome any suggestions!

I hope this information helps! What nail conditions do you deal with the most? Share your thoughts!

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