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Good morning, and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I got some great questions this week, thanks for sending them! Read on about applying nail polish perfectly, making fragrance last and a Mary Kay question.

Dear Brooke, What’s the best way to apply nail polish? I get my nails filed, buffed, and ready for polish, and when I apply it, it seems to clump up and I make a mess all over my hands. Help! Renee H.

Dear Renee, I know how annoying it is to not only mess up the polish on your nails, but to get the color all over your hands…what a mess! Polishing your nails after a manicure can be on the messy side, and I know a lot of people tend to rush through that step. The most important thing to do is, slow down, and try this method of polishing your nails that I learned in beauty school: Start at the center of your nail, and polish a stripe down the middle of your nail, from the cuticle to the tip. Apply a stroke of polish on either side of the first stripe, getting the entire nail polished in 3 strokes. Let this dry for a few minutes, and apply a second coat of polish following the same steps. Follow this method, and you won’t have a problem with the polish clumping (unless it’s old) and you won’t make a mess all over your hands.

Dear Brooke, I love fragrance, and I have favorite scents I wear all year round. I notice I reapply the fragrance a lot during the day because the smell fades so fast. What can I do get it to stay longer, and not waste so much money buying more? Louise L.

Dear Louise, Nobody wants their scent to fade throughout the day! BUT…An important thing to remember is this: someone once told me if you can smell the fragrance on yourself, it smells strong to others. So, just because you’re not smelling it throughout the day, doesn’t mean others can’t. However, if you are truly noticing your fragrance doing a disappearing act, you can try a couple of things to keep smelling great all day and not have to reapply. The best thing I can tell you to do is apply your fragrance on top of your body lotion. It works best if your lotion is the same scent as your fragrance, but if it’s not, don’t worry. Dry skin can’t hold scents for a long time, so keep the areas where you apply your fragrance hydrated and that should help the scent last longer. Make sure you are applying the fragrance to pulse points, because those parts of your body give off the most heat and will release the scent throughout the day. Also, spray a little bit of the fragrance on your clothes, and on your hair that will give off some scent every time you move.

Dear Brooke, I purchased the TimeWise Microdermabrasion set from Mary Kay. I prefer my routine simple, so I only use Step 1 of this set. I tried to see if my sister would want the Step 2 for any reason, and she freaked out on me! She said it’s imperative that I use Step 2 of this set; I think it’s one more step I don’t want to add. Who’s right? Julie K.

Dear Julie, I hate to break it to you, but your sister is right in this situation. I know it may feel like “one more step”, but the set was sold with a Step 1 and a Step 2 for a reason. I have used the Timewise Microdermabrasion you are talking about, and as good as Step 1 feels, my skin feels pretty amazing after Step 2. Look at it this way: Step 1 is taking away old skin, and helping minimize fine lines and wrinkles. What it’s also doing is stripping the skin of natural oils and nutrients, which get put back into the skin in Step 2. Because Step 1 has exposed all that new skin, Step 2 is going to absorb better, giving you the maximum results in this product. Try both steps, and I am positive you’ll notice a difference. It only takes a few seconds. Let me know how it goes!

Once again, thank you so much for all the great questions this week. Email me your questions for Q&A Monday to brookeknowsbeauty@hotmail.com

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3 thoughts on “Q&A Monday

  1. Wow, super advise again. Thanks!

    That TimeWise Microdermabrasion set from Mary Kay. is that also good for a skin that is sensitive and still has now and then break outs? I am 52 years old.

  2. Hi Ellen, Thanks! The Timewise Microdermabrasion set is good for all skin types. I also have sensitive skin that breaks out on occasion, and I have always had good luck with this product. It’s a gentle, but effective, microdermabrasion. It makes your skin feel so soft when you use it!

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