Quick Tip Friday

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Acne products containing Benzoyl Peroxide can have an unpleasant side effect of bleaching out sheets, towels, clothing, etc. But, it can also bleach out your hair if you apply it too close to your hairline…and your eyebrows! If you are using anything that contains Benzoyl Peroxide, make sure to stay away from the hairline. If you happen to have a breakout right by your hairline, put a little bit of the treatment product on a Q-Tip and apply it directly to the blemish, avoiding your hair. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly when you’re done applying, but use an old towel to dry your hands…there may still be product on them, even though you washed. I learned this lesson the hard way, once upon a time, when I was using Benzoyl Peroxide and had just bought new sheets.

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