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You know how, when you’re sleeping, there’s a repetitive sound in the room, and it sneaks into your dream, and then you wake up and realize what it really is that’s making that noise? Well, last night, I was dreaming about sand paper being used on a construction site, only to wake up and realize that sound wasn’t sand paper, it was my husband scratching at his beard in his sleep. (He’s going to kill me for that, ha ha ha!) I know he’s been uncomfortable lately with the cold weather drying his skin out, and it got me thinking about all the people who suffer with dry, itchy skin, or dry, flat hair that has static.

Cold temperatures, wind, and no humidity are all causes of dry skin come winter time. I know a lot of people who don’t use any kind of moisturizer for their face, or body, during the summer because it’s usually humid enough for them. But, once the season changes, it’s important to add that extra step, or step up your moisturizer so you don’t suffer.

Face: It’s not fun when the skin of your face feels raw, or is peeling around your nose because it lacks so much moisture. Step up the moisture for you face with a good face cream with SPF for day and an even heavier one for night. For day, I like 5-in-1 Face Cream by FAB. It’s a good lotion for all skin types and it has an SPF of 30 for protection. Yes, it’s important to have SPF in your winter skin care; you’re still exposed to the sun. A great night cream I like to use is, Olay Pro X Wrinkle Smoothing Cream. It’s great to use at night because it really moisturizes the skin and makes you feel soft and hydrated in the morning. I don’t really have wrinkles I’m trying to treat, but this one works great on all skin types and it’s a great preventative tool for when those wrinkles finally decide to show up!

Body: I really notice a big difference in my skin this time of year. Through the summer, I can usually get away with putting lotion on just my arms and legs, and being just fine. But, once winter comes around, I find my back and torso get dry and need some moisture. Two great body lotions to quench your skin are, Body Drench and Hempz lotion. I love Body Drench Original Moisturizing Lotion. It absorbs fast into my skin and keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated, and it smells like light baby powder. Some people don’t care for powder scent in products, but if you like it, you’ll like this lotion. Hempz is another great moisturizer that feels great, absorbs fast and smells good. Hempz  recently added a pomegranate scent to their lotion, and it smells amazing! I can’t stand when lotions leave you feeling greasy all day, and these two lotions won’t do that. They will keep your skin moist and not itchy, but certainly not greasy.

Hair: Winter weather can make your hair dry and full of static…not a fun combination. There are products that can help keep the fly aways away. I love Full Thickening Cream by Living Proof. It’s pretty expensive for the amount you get, but it’s great at making your hair look fabulous, and keeping it static-free in the winter. Weightless Smooth Hydrating Balm by Jonathan is another great product that will help your hair look fabulous this time of year. It’s about the same price as the Full Thickening Cream, but it’s bigger, so you’ll get more product for your money. Also, use a heavier conditioner in the winter to give your hair the moisture that the cold weather takes away. My favorite heavier conditioners are The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell and Conditioning Balm by Biolage.

Whether you’re having issues with face, skin, or hair, the bottom line is, keep hydrated…moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!! Also, drink pleny of water, and keep a humidifier going in your home, if you have one! What are your favorite products to use in the winter? I look forward to your response!

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