Shea It Isn’t So

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Shea butter has been around for a long time, but it’s become more and more popular in beauty products in recent years. Many products advertise that they are enhanced with Shea butter to get the point across that it’s a very nourishing, and moisturizing product. Shea butter is a natural fat extracted from the nut of an african tree. It’s a very thick consistency, often solid at room temperature, but it’s uses are many. Shea butter is a major multi-tasker when it comes to beauty. It’s very thick, but it warms up quickly and it easy to spread around for whatever need you may have.

There are many brands of pure Shea butter on the market, but my all-time favorite is by L’Occitane. (I’ve been meaning to do a L’Occitane review…everything they make is amazing). It comes in a tin that will last you a very long time; it also comes in a small tin that’s great for your purse, or for travel.

So, what exactly is Shea butter’s purpose? It’s highly moisturizing because it’s enriched with Vitamin E. You can certainly buy products that are enriched with this good fat, but you’ll get the best benefit when you buy it in pure form. There are so many uses for Shea butter, and here are some of my favorite tasks for it to perform.

Use it as a lip balm. When I can’t find my go-to lip balm, or when I am out and I find that I have no lipstick, lip balm, or lip gloss with me (gasp! I know!!) I reach for my mini tin of L’Occitane Shea butter and use it as my lip balm. It feels a little strange at first, but once it warms up and absorbs into my lips, it feels great and it’s a wonderful lip treatment. Think of it as a deep conditioner for your lips.

Speaking of deep conditioner: Warm it up in your hands and apply to your hair at night. If your hair is long, concentrate on the ends and braid it and leave it in overnight. When you shampoo and condition the next day, your hair will feel soft and look shiny. You can also use it to protect your hair line when you do your own hair color. Not only will the layer of Shea butter keep hair color from staining your skin, it will nourish the skin around the hair, and keep your follicles healthy.

Keep your nails beautiful with Shea butter by applying it to your cuticles instead of cuticle oil. Not that there’s anything wrong with cuticle oil, but if you don’t have any, and you happen to have Shea butter on hand, you can use it as a cuticle and nail treatment. Rub it in, let it soak in and then apply a hand cream for a mini hand spa treatment.

Apply it where you are about to spray your fragrance; it will act as a primer of sorts and help the fragrance adhere to something, instead of soaking into your skin and wearing off. Your signature scent will last much longer.

Apply it to your feet, especially your heels, before working out. It will absorb into your skin as you warm up from working out, and when you’re done…voila! Mini pedicure! You can also apply it to dry elbows and knees, and if you’re suffering from a cold, dab it onto your nose when it gets dry from too much tissue use.

Pregnant? Use Shea butter to hydrate areas prone to stretch marks and you probably won’t get any at all. Just had a baby? Use it to treat diaper rash.

Traveling? Great! Make sure you have some Shea butter with you to replace any beauty products you may have left behind. It can be used to keep makeup in place; it can replace pomade for your hair so it’s great for short styles.

I could go on and on with how many different ways Shea butter can be used. It’s expensive, but when I tell you it will last a long time, I’m not kidding. I’ve had my huge tin of Shea butter from L’Occitane for over a year. Check out this link for tons of other ways to use your Shea!

Do you use Shea butter? What’s your favorite way to use it? I look forward to your response!

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