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I love pretty packaging and a catchy title. This product caught my eye because of the name. It’s a nail polish remover that’s called The Stripper To Go…For Go-Go Girls (girls on the go, not actual strippers…but they can use it, too) by Deborah Lippmann. Manicurist to the stars, Deborah was in high demand for her amazing mani’s until one day she created a nail polish color for a celeb, and the Deborah Lippmann collection was born.

I’ve read a lot about Deborah Lippmann, but I’ve never had the chance to try any of her products…it’s always been on my “To Try” list. I was recently sent a sample of her nail polish remover, The Stripper To Go. What’s the big deal, I thought? Nail polish remover is nail polish remover, right? Well, yes and no. While all nail polish removers have the same initial goal, to remove nail polish, not all of them have any intent to treat your nails, or make life easier with how you remove your polish.

Remember the nail polish remover that was a little container that had a polish remover soaked sponge in it, and to remove your polish, all you had to do was dip your finger in, twirl it around, and voila! your polish was magically gone? Sure, it was magically gone the first few times you used it. After that the polish was gone, but your finger was an interesting shade of pink/red because of all the residue left behind. Good idea, bad engineering. The Stripper To Go, is a modern spin on that sponge, but it’s not one you reuse. Individually packed mini mitts, are soaked with the product and one little mitt will remove the polish off all 10 finger nails. Impossible, you say! Nope! It not only perfectly cleans every nail, it also removes stubborn sparkly polish.

The Stripper comes in a bottle of polish remover, and it also comes in the mini mitts, making it The Stripper To Go. They are amazing to keep in your purse if you’ve damaged your polish and the only option is to just remove all of it. And, they are perfect for travel! I know so many people are looking for travel-friendly products right now, and this is very travel-friendly. No need to pack it in a plastic bag, or worry that it might get confiscated at the airport.

A great side benefit of this product? It’s infused with aloe to prevent dehydration, and it has lavender in it to not only keep the smell nice, but lavender has anti-bacterial properties, so it will help protect the delicate cuticle area.

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Have you tried this, or any product, by Deborah Lippmann? Please tell me your thoughts if you have. Do you have a favorite nail polish remover, or do you grab the least expensive product on the shelf?

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