Get Boo-tiful This Halloween

For all your beauty (boo-ty) advice…

Sorry, couldn’t resist the title! For many people, this is their favorite time of year. The crisp of leaves that have fallen from the trees, the smell of cider, the fun of carving pumpkins and baking the seeds. And, the anticipation of the perfect Halloween costume. Halloween is the perfect time of year to let your creativity flow, and it’s absolutely the best time to play with your makeup and try new trends. Glitter, red lipstick, fake nails, false eyelashes…Halloween expects no less. When creating your perfect face for your costume, you’ll want to ensure your look stays put all night. Even if your costume doesn’t!

Whether you are going all-out and getting extravagant like a Glam-pire or Cleopatra, or keeping things simple like a ghost or a pumpkin, you’ll want to make sure you start with a clean slate. Make sure your skin is clean, dry, and primed before you start applying your makeup. Use a foundation primer, and an eyeshadow primer to make sure your colors stay put. Typically, the makeup you apply for your costume is going to be much heavier than what you wear on a daily basis…for some of you, anyway. I hear it said all the time: “less is more”, “if you have a smoky eye, make sure you have a nude lip”, “if you go for a bold lip, make sure your eyes are low-key”. Ignore all of that for Halloween. More is more…more glitter, more lashes, more lipstick…it all equals more fun!

Halloween expects dark, bold colors. How else will your costume stand out? Have fun with heavy eyeliner and false eyelashes. Why the lashes, you may ask? Aren’t they an extra step I don’t really need? Nope. You will be surprised what adding lashes can do to complete your costume. They add an extra layer of drama and let you see how beautiful your eyes are with super-long lashes.

Lipstick colors in red, purple, hot pink, etc. are so much fun this time of year! Especially red. Not many of us wear dark/bright red lipstick on a daily basis, so have fun with this one. The same goes for glitter. Put some on your eyes, lips, or cheeks as a finishing touch, and don’t forget to sprinkle some in your hair. Halloween is the one time of year that looking a little bit like a disco ball is perfectly acceptable.

Afraid nail art may be considered tacky? Again, Halloween is the perfect time to try trends you might normally stay away from. You can easily incorporate some fun nail art into your costume. It doesn’t matter if you have artificial nails, or natural nails, grab a fun nail polish to complete your outfit and add some nail art, or some nail jewels for some extra effects.

You know what the great thing is about nail polish, heavier-than-normal makeup, and false eye lashes? They’re all temporary! You can take them off that night, (or the next day in most cases), and if it doesn’t look quite right at first, remove it and start again. No commitment! Except for the glitter, maybe. That stuff, fun as it is, stays with you for a while.

So, have fun with some color this Halloween and play around with trends you might never try on a normal day! Stay safe, and have a Happy Halloween. What are you going to be this year?

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