Spray It Like You Mean It! Hairspray Reviews

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Hairspray has come a long way since the days of Aqua Net. Remember the days of teasing our hair into submission, and then shellacking it  into place so it would stay all day long? Yeah, that was fun to brush out after a long day. Although I’ll admit I do keep a rusty trusty can of Aqua Net on hand for shellacking emergencies, my taste has definitely evolved over the years. Here are some of my favorites:

Spray & Play by Big Sexy Hair. I’m thinking Big Sexy Hair is this generation’s Aqua Net. It comes in a huge red can and it’s a great hair spray that not only holds all day, but it adds fullness, volume, shine and flexibility. Even though Sexy Hair has root lifting products, Spray & Play is great to spray at the root for a little extra volume, and of course as a finishing touch on your style.

Maximum Hair Spray by Brocato. Another great spray to keep your ‘do in place all day. Brocato is a luxury hair care line that is usually found in high-end salons. (But, I did find it at Ulta and on Amazon.com) Like Spray & Play, this spray comes in an aerosol and is a great finishing product. Keeps your style in place, but doesn’t make it look dull with its hold. I dries fast, so make sure your hair is where you want it. Definitely gives you maximum hold, but adds shine to your hair as well.

Sheer Hold Hairspray by Fekkai. Sheer Hold Hairspray is going to be more on the gentle side of hair spray. It is a good finishing product that adds shine with avocado oil. This will give you a light hold on your style, so it’s best to use when you’re wearing your hair down and you want movement, but not stiff, and no static. You’ll be able to brush through your hair easily if you use this hairspray.

Restorative Hair Treatment Spray by Ojon. This is a really unique hair spray, because it’s also a hair treatment. It’s best for dry, damaged hair. It’s infused with seven exotic oils to not only add shine to the hair, but to nourish it as well. It offers a very light hold, but it does the trick. And, it smells amazing for a hairspray! Read the labels on Ojon before you try though…if you’re allergic to nuts, don’t try it. I’m not trying to steer you away from a great product, but people who have allergies have had reactions to Ojon. I am very happy I don’t have nut allergies, because I love this line!

Ok, I’ve given you a list of great finishing products, but I know they are all expensive. Not to worry, there are good hairsprays out there that won’t break the bank.

TRESemme’ makes an outstanding line of hairsprays. They come in different holds, so there’s plenty to choose from. A good classic that will never die with me? Anything from the Instant Freeze Collection by Aussie. Love the smell, love the hold it offers, love the price.

I just discovered something writing this review…I have WAY too many cans of hairspray, and I didn’t even name all my favorites! What’s your favorite? Do you spend a lot of money on hairspray and purchase at the salon, or do you have a drugstore favorite? Looking forward to your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Spray It Like You Mean It! Hairspray Reviews

  1. Now I straight my hair, I hardly use any hairspray. when I had to brush dry my hair, it had to use hairspray for not jumping into little curls again. thanks again for a great post.

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