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I love being introduced to new products! Not too long ago, I wrote about a casting call that was being held in NYC for celebrity hair stylist Tara’s Smith’s line of hair products. And, not too long after that, I was able to start using hair products by Tara Smith. I’ll admit, before I was notified about the casting call, I had never heard of Tara Smith before. It always seems so unfair that the people who do the work to turn the celebrities into glamazons never get the proper credit. But, Tara’s resume is pretty impressive! She has worked with some big names like: Demi Moore, Rosario Dawson, Neve Campbell, Lucy Liu, Patricia Arquette, Adrienne Grenier, Sting and Matthew McConaughey, to name a few. (Mmmm…Matthew McConaughey…lucky girl!) And, Tara’s products proudly advertise that they are tested on film stars, not on animals.

Before I get into what I thought about the quality of the products, I think it’s important to touch on that fact that all of Tara’s products are natural and organic. Tara believes that hair is a plant that needs to be fed, and she created a product line based on that. From one stylist to another, bravo, Tara! I have always tried to educate people on the importance of nourishing the hair and feeding the scalp, I just never had the opportunity to develop my own hair care line. The products are vegan approved, free from parabens, phthalates, glycols, etc., and they smell fabulous. As important as it is to keep things Green for our environment, I am a consumer who believes you can have the best of all worlds, so it should smell great, too…and it does. Here are the products I tried and my thoughts on them.

Feed The Root Shampoo. The main focus of this shampoo is to nourish dry hair and stimulate the scalp. Immediately, I loved two things about this product. #1. the scent. Wow!! The main scent you get from this shampoo is peppermint, but it also contains patchouli, cedar and a small amount of aniseed. The blend of these essential oils smells so good. #2, the fact that even though it doesn’t contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate, it still lathers up nice. That’s important to me. Any time I’ve tried an all natural shampoo, I’ve always been disappointed with the fact that few suds appear when I shampoo. Be assured, if you try this product, you will get suds! (yippee!)

Feed The Root Conditioner.  Carrying the same scent as the shampoo, Feed The Root Conditioner includes avocado and olive oil, to moisturize the hair and add shine. It also contains Marine Algae to help strengthen the hair and repair damage. Both the shampoo, and the conditioner leave your scalp feeling tingly. It’s great to use first thing in the morning because the tingle helps wake you up!

Base Coat Serum.  I would like to know where this product has been my entire life? Amazing! You apply this product like you do most styling products: to damp hair. Then, you style as you normally do, or let it air dry to allow your hair’s natural shape to come through. I tried both…I used a blow dryer to style my hair, and then another day, I let it dry naturally. When I styled with the blow dryer and my round brush, I was impressed with how easy it was to style. The brush seemed to slide through my hair and there was a lot of shine. I usually avoid doing the whole round brush routine, because of how long it takes. This product made it easy to style and my hair felt great. I have wavy hair that borders on curly…in a dry climate, this means frizzy. When I let my hair air dry with this serum, I actually saw ringlets in my hair…something I usually have to travel to Florida to obtain! Not that I would rule out a vacation to the East coast, but this is a little more affordable than a vacation right now! When my Base Coat Serum is gone, I am going to freak out! Or buy more, since this line won’t break the bank.

So, where to find Tara Smith Hair Care Range products? Check it out online at or, if you are in NYC, you can pick it up at Duane Reade stores.  I know some of you may not want to shop online, but take my word for it…you won’t regret it! As soon as I hear more information on this line, and where it’s available in the U.S., I will update you, because you all need to have it!

Have you tried it yet? If so, what do you think? I look forward to your response!

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