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Summer is officially over. I am sure a lot of you got a great tan and hate to see the color fade away. You can still keep your sun-kissed look, and appear to live in a world where it’s always hot, and you’ve always got a glow. No, I’m not talking about self-tanning, or tanning beds, I’m talking about using bronzer to keep your skin looking like you’ve been in the sun.

It took me awhile to get used to using bronzer. I have an olive tone to my skin and keep a decent color year-round. I always thought it would look too orange on me if I used a bronzer…really, I thought it would look too orange on anyone to use a bronzer, but if you find the right one, it can be subtle and beautiful. So, I thought I would share with you my favorite bronzers.

1. Warm Bronze Mineral Powder by Laura Mercier.

This is a loose bronzer that has a great color to it…not too dark and not too light. I think this is a very flattering bronzer for all skin tones. Use it as a blush, or use it on the areas on your face where the sun naturally hits to give your skin some color…top of the forehead, down the nose, and along the cheeks. This is such a generous size product, and it seems like bronzers in loose powder form last forever.

2. Warmth by Bare Minerals.

Another loose mineral bronzer, Warmth is a very popular product from the Bare Escentuals line. If you use the Bare Minerals makeup, Warmth is a great finishing product to use. You apply it very lightly to your cheeks, or mix it in with your Bare Minerals foundation for an all-over glow.

3. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Comfort.

I love this bronzer so much, I use it almost every day. It’s a swirl of light and medium shade bronze colors that make your skin look like it’s glowing on the inside. What attracted me to this shade of bronzer was the ad campaign showing how it literally makes you look like you have a candle under your skin. Love it! It’s soft on your skin, and I love how it’s high in pigment, so you don’t have to apply a ton of product to get the desired effect. This one is a limited edition by MAC, so get it while you can! (If it’s already gone, my apologies…but it’s awesome, so good for me!)

4. One Hot Minute by Benefit.

Products from Benefit always have such catchy names. What’s so great is, even though they’re packaged very cute and the names make you laugh, the product is excellent and I love so many of their cosmetics. One Hot Minute is also a loose bronzer in a rose gold shade, and it comes with a really cute brush that looks like a fan to give you the best application. It’s not too shimmery, and it gives you a natural glow. Another one that’s going to last forever because it’s in loose form.

5. Pink Leopard Bronzer by Too Faced.

This is my new favorite bronzer! It’s been out for a while, but I just recently got my hands on it. It’s two different shades of bronzer with some pink thrown in the mix to really brighten up your look. It’s packaged very cute and the three colors are mixed together to resemble leopard spots, so it’s also a very fun product to use. Not just fun, but the great for highlighting and bronzing your face. The packaging will certainly catch your eye, and the results you will get are amazing.

So, those are my favorite bronzers. What about you, what are your favorites to use?

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