Walgreens…The Poor Man’s Sephora

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I know so many people who have been hit financially with the economy recently. Most women I know refuse to give up their cosmetics, so this industry is still alive and kicking. But, even though we know we love our skin care, makeup, and fragrance, a lot of us have had to open our minds and start trying more affordable products. Enter Walgreens…what I now refer to as, The Poor Man’s Sephora.

You can get all the same stuff you have been buying at Sephora, or other specialty stores, at Walgreens…it’s just going to have a different name, and most important, a lower price. There is a Walgreens that just opened close to my house. A new store means an organized beauty department. Usually, I don’t look at makeup at places like Target, and especially Wal Mart, because it’s dirty and nothing has been restocked. I don’t know if it’s because the Walgreens is new, or if they are stepping it up to compete with others, but the Walgreens beauty department by my house has me hooked. You can find the latest in skin care, nail polish, makeup, skin care, hair care, body lotion…you name it. It’s all right there within your reach, not to mention your budget. Oh, and they actually have a person working there to answer your questions!

Even better? Something is always on sale! Seriously, when was the last time you went to Sephora to buy a lipstick from YSL and they told you it was buy one get one half off? Um, never! It doesn’t happen at places like that, because it doesn’t have to happen. Those luxury brands never go on sale…even when a color is being discontinued, it doesn’t go on sale, it just goes back to the company.

When one of my readers suggested I start doing Beauty On A Budget, I found myself at Walgreens and I found so many great finds. Wet N Wild has some great products, and most of them are only $1! L’oreal lipstick and gloss on sale for $5, Cover Girl Cosmetics were Buy One Get One 50% off. Neutrogena skin care on sale, Dove so cheap it’s a steal, Yes To Carrots at an affordable price, Burt’s Bees…Wow! I couldn’t believe how many lines they carried and how good the deals were. Not to mention their own bath line, Details (love it, by the way!). It got me thinking, if you’re on a budget, who needs Sephora? No, you won’t see the luxury lines, or have the makeup artists there to help you with colors, but you do have some great products available to you at excellent prices. And, there’s something to be said about being able to shop without 50 people in the store greeting you and asking you what you came in for today. You may get greeted by one or two people, but for the most part, you’re left alone and that can be such a blessing…especially after a long day of work!

If you compare the ingredients with department store products and drugstore products, a lot of it is the same. There are some products from specialty/department stores that I think nothing can replace, but perusing Walgreens lately has really opened my eyes to some great finds. Not to mention, it’s a lot easier on the wallet! Bad economy, or not, I refuse to give up my addiction to all things beauty, and now I don’t have to! So, let’s get coffee and then go to Walgreens!!

What do you think of Walgreens? Have you found some amazing products and deals there? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “Walgreens…The Poor Man’s Sephora

  1. Very good info, many thanks to the article writer. This is puzzling to me right now, but in general, the efficacy and significance is mind-boggling. Very much thanks again and also all the best .!

  2. Kristine

    I have loved the Walgreen’s in Castle Rock for awile now. It’s always clean, neat and stocked and they always seem to have something new. They also ave upns available from time to time an accept those retail coupons you find in the paper!

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