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Good morning, and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Fall is in the air, and the season is changing. This is my favorite time of year! As always, I had some great questions this week. Read on about keeping your cuticles healthy and how to keep them from tearing and bleeding, heat and velcro rollers, and the best primer for mineral foundation.

How much heat can velcro rollers withstand? I am thinking about trying a dryer cap that hooks up to your hair dryer on my head with velcro rollers… will they melt to my hair? What will happen? I would use a lower heat setting. I am planning to curl my hair for a pageant and using a hair piece so I only need to style the top and sides of my own hair. I use a curling iron on the hair piece. Sandy D.

Dear Sandy, Great question! Velcro rollers can stand up to pretty high heat under the dryer. I’ve never seen one melt before, so you’re safe to put it on a high setting. If you’re concerned, put the heat on a medium setting and before you take the dryer cap off, change the setting to cool. This will help set the style. Also, the best way to style your hair after you use velcro rollers is with your fingers instead of a brush. It helps keep the volume in your hair. Sometimes I use a large comb, if there are spots that have a few tangles. Good luck in the pageant!

Dear Brooke, every time I use those little cuticle cutters I end up bleeding! Any good ideas to trim cuticles without drawing blood??? Thanks!!!! Melissa F.

Dear Melissa, Working with cuticle nippers can be tricky. One little slip of the hand, and you’ve cut yourself! Not only does it hurt like crazy, it seems like those little cuts take forever to heal. If you’re not experienced in the art of using nippers, try using a cuticle removing gel. Apply the gel to your cuticles, and use a cuticle pusher to rub it in and push back your cuticles at the same time. Let the gel sit for a few minutes to get the best results, and then rinse the cuticle remover off. A second step I like to take when I use cuticle remover is, when you go to rinse, use a scrub on your hands. Scrubs like, One Minute Manicure are great because they have sugar or salt in them to exfoliate your skin and oil in them for softness and hydration. If you use a scrub, concentrate on gently scrubbing the cuticle area. This will give you the best results.

Dear Brooke, I use mineral makeup religiously. I was wondering if you suggest a certain primer that works best with this type of foundation? Jennifer G.

Dear Jennifer, I also use mineral makeup and I love it! It took me awhile to find the best foundation primer to use with mineral foundation, but I have come across two that I think you will love. Primed and Poreless by Too Faced and The Porefessional by Benefit have become my go-to primers when it comes to using mineral makeup. I used to think a foundation primer was just one more step that I didn’t need, but I’ve noticed a big difference with these two! They both have the same consistency and they’re both around $30. They really help minimize the pores on your face, and create a smooth surface so your mineral foundation doesn’t sink into pores, fine lines, or wrinkles. A little goes a very long way with these products, so the price isn’t too painful when you think about how long it will last. After you apply the primer, let it set/dry for a minute before applying your foundation for the best results. Let me know if you try one!

As always, thanks for the great questions this week…keep them coming! Email me your questions for Q&A Monday to brookeknowsbeauty@hotmail.com

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