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I recently did a review of Batiste…a truly amazing dry shampoo. Being a girl who loves her shampoo and looks forward to suds-ing up in the shower, I’ve always been hesitant to try a dry shampoo.

 I decided to get over that, and make it my goal to try every dry shampoo on the market. I decided to stop looking once I tried Batiste…it’s that good. I contacted the wonderful people who introduced me to Batiste and asked them if they could spare a can of this dry shampoo that I can share with my readers. They came through for me and sent me a can of the original scent to give away in a contest!

My last contest I had, I requested people to send me pictures of your pedicures, good and bad, for some pedicure essentials as the prize. So, are you wondering what you’re going to have to do to score this prize? No, you are not going to have to send me pictures of your dirty hair! All you’re going to have to do, is 3 simple things.

#1, become a fan of my BrookeKnowsBeauty page on Facebook. #2, become a fan of Batiste on Facebook. #3, post on my Facebook wall that you completed these steps, and your name will be entered into a drawing to win the dry shampoo. How easy is that? Very easy, so do it now and tell your friends to do it, too!

The winner of this contest is getting a FULL size, 5.05 oz. can of Batiste Dry Shampoo, Original Scent. It’s so easy to use, and the Original Scent will leave your hair feeling clean, full of body, and smelling great! Check out Batiste online to see where you can purchase a can…unless you win ;). This contest is going to run through the month of September, so there’s plenty of time to enter and spread the word. Thanks for reading!

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