Hot Rollers Vs. Velcro Rollers

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Those of us who grew up in the 80’s remember what it’s like to handle hot rollers, figure out how to put them in and make them stay, and remain patient while we waited for them to cool off so we could have perfectly curly hair. Next, we graduated from hot rollers to velcro rollers. They looked like any other hair roller, but the result is different from what you get when you use hot rollers. Both types of rollers are useful for any hair length and they both give you different looks. So, exactly what purpose do they each serve, and does anyone even use hot rollers anymore?

Hot rollers are generally ceramic rollers covered thinly with a velvety material, or they have spikes all over the roller to resemble a brush. They come in a square, or rectangular, case and each roller sits on an individual heating element. Plug them in, let them heat up, and start rolling! Hot rollers tend to give a pronounced curl and the style tends to last longer because of the heat. When your hair heats up, the outer layer of the hair, the cuticle, opens and allows your hair to transform to the shape its wrapped around. As your hair cools, the cuticle closes, trapping in the shape of the roller, giving you bouncy curls. Hot rollers perform very similar to a curling iron, but they allow you to set your hair all at once and have your hands free while they cool. Conair makes some of the best/most affordable styling tools. Yes, you can certainly spend more, but if you’re looking for quality and affordability, Conair is the way to go.

So, if hot rollers are so great, why use velcro? Velcro rollers are going to give you an entirely different look. Velcro rollers will give you a loose curl, but are mostly used to add volume and smooth out the hair. You know how you desperately want to achieve the blow-out your stylist gives you, but for the life of you, you can’t recreate it at home? Try using velcro rollers, you will get very similar results to what your stylist does. Blow dry your hair until it’s almost all the way dry, but still slightly damp. Set your hair with the velcro rollers and spray with spray gel, or hair spray and hit the rollers with the blow dryer for a few minutes. You’ll want to do this a few times, letting your hair cool between shots from the dryer. This is a perfect time to do your makeup, by the way. Remove the rollers from your hair and brush through with your fingers, or a hair brush. Check out Sally Beauty Supply for a variety of sizes.

Pros and cons of both rollers? Pro of hot roller: lasting curl. Con of hot roller: they can be tough to use…it can be difficult learning how to control your hair to wrap around the roller, and they can be heavy and not stay in place because they keep falling. Pro of velcro roller: easy to use…they grab right on to the hair so it’s easy to set your hair with velcro, and they are self-gripping, so you don’t need clips to keep them in place. Con of velcro roller: because they are actually velcro, removing them can be somewhat painful because the hair grips onto the velcro and it can hurt when you remove them.

There’s the difference between the two, in case you’ve ever wondered. I have to say, I was a big fan of hot rollers until I discovered velcro rollers. I haven’t touched a hot roller in years! What about you? Do you have a preference between rollers, or do you stay away from them altogether? As always, I look forward to your response.

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3 thoughts on “Hot Rollers Vs. Velcro Rollers

  1. Sandra

    How much heat can velcro rollers withstand? I am thinking about trying a dryer cap that hooks up to your hair dryer on my head with velcro rollers… will they melt to my hair? what will happen? I would use a lower heat setting. I am planning to curl my hair for a pageant and using a hair piece so i only need to style the top and sides of my own hair. I use a curling iron on the hair piece.

    1. Great question, Sandra! Do you mind if I feature this one for a future Q&A Monday? Velcro rollers can stand up to pretty high heat. I’ve never seen one melt, so you’re safe to put it on a high setting. If you’re concerned, put the heat on a medium setting and before you take the dryer cap off, change the setting to cool. This will help set the style. Good luck in the pageant!

  2. cutiepie

    thanks for sharing some tips .. i have a very straight hair and recently found on youtube some excellent simple way to look different. started to learn some new terminology of the hair-works 🙂 bought a velcro curler but since I’m a beginner i find it tough. thinking off to get the heated roller but now with your article, I’m having doubt ..

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