Seriously…You’re Returning That?

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A couple of places I have worked have had very good return policies. Well, good for the customer, anyway. Places like Sephora and Nordstrom will happily take your product back…no matter how long you’ve had it and no matter how much you have used. Whether it’s an eye shadow that you’ve brushed your finger across once, and decided the color was all wrong for you, or a blow dryer you’ve spent tons of money on, they will take it back…with a smile, no questions asked. I understand that, under some circumstances, a product needs to be returned. But some of the things people return surprise me, and I’ve often wanted to ask them, “Seriously, you’re returning that?”

The Clarisonic cleansing system is one that I see come back occasionally, and I just don’t get it. The Clarisonic is an amazing, high-tech way to clean your skin. This cleansing brush gets your skin so clean, and removes dirt and makeup like no other cleansing system out there. Your serums and moisturizers will absorb much better when you use this system. So, why the heck are people returning it?!?! The only thing I can think of is, sticker shock. Clarisonic is amazing, yes. But, it’s also expensive. I don’t think anyone who’s actually used it for any amount of time could look me in the eye and tell me it doesn’t work well, so the price has to be the only reason someone would bring it back. I’ve spent a lot of money on products and gadgets over the years, and this one is worth the investment. Give it a chance, and don’t let the price get you. If you could afford it initially, you can afford to keep it.

Another product I’ve seen come back that clearly hasn’t been given a chance: Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment. This treatment is a solid product that you turn into an oil by warming it up in your palms. It is designed to treat damaged, color-treated, and processed hair. It will add moisture, and strengthen your hair over time. It will also hurt your wallet when you buy it. Ojon products are amazing, but they are expensive. I think, like the Clarisonic, this is probably the main reason they come back. But, when someone gets this as a gift and they bring it back, I want to flick them in the head! I would love to get a full size Restorative Hair Treatment as a gift! It will last forever, and keep your hair looking beautiful. Maybe I’m just a little vain when it comes to my hair, but I would NEVER return this treatment.

Sultra styling tools make your run-of-the-mill flat-iron look like old news. So, why would someone return it? This makes me crazy! When I first started cutting hair, flat irons weren’t popular yet (did I just make myself feel old, or what??). We used round brushes, or paddle brushes with a blow dryer, and to get those big curls, we used velcro rollers, or a large barrel curling iron. Once flat irons hit the market, “styling tools” were close behind. They’re not classified as just a flat-iron, because they can do so much more than just straighten your hair. They can make the straightest hair hold curl all day, and they can be used to create those beautiful beach waves we see on the red carpet at every Hollywood event. The only reason I can think of that this one gets returned is, the purchaser wasn’t taught the proper way to use it. It’s pretty simple; even the most challenged person can replicate the waves and curls that are shown in the user guide. Price is probably a factor with this product as well, but I’ve learned over time, you get what you pay for. Be patient and learn how to use it, you will love it!

Other products I see come back that make me shake my head? Lip stick and lip gloss that are halfway gone, but people all of a sudden decide they are the wrong color. Blush and eyeshadow that have clearly been used multiple times. And, my favorite one of all: supplements that are returned after the entire bottle has been consumed, with customer claiming they “just didn’t do anything for me”. Really? It took 60 days worth of vitamins for you to realize they weren’t doing anything for you? I wish the Colorado Lottery had a return policy…why can’t they take back my one dollar ticket that was obviously defective because it didn’t win? If stores will take back products they can’t re-sell, this makes perfect sense to me!

Do you return your beauty products? If so, what have you taken back to the store and why?

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3 thoughts on “Seriously…You’re Returning That?

  1. Melissa

    I never return unless I’ve received something as a gift and I already have the item. Lipsticks, eyeshadows etc aren’t “for rent”. I can try one on if I want to give it a test run. I can even walk away and wear it for the day if I want. So I just wouldn’t feel right returning a color, that I selected and liked enough initially to purchase.

  2. We are thrilled to hear that you are satisfied with your sonic skinvestment. Thanks for sharing us with others too! If you ever have questions about your Clarisonic we are happy to help. Find us on Twitter @Clarisonic or via email We’d love to hear from you. Happy Cleansing!

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