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I was asked recently, by one of my readers, why there are so many foundations to choose from and what are the differences in the numerous formulations. She’s right…with so many to choose from, it can be very overwhelming purchasing a foundation. It’s hard enough to match yourself if you are buying from a drugstore, but throw in all the different textures and coverage, it’s clear to see how you can get confused. Liquid, mineral, powder, airbrush…oh my! Here’s a rundown on different types of foundation and how they serve their purpose.

Liquid Foundation: This is probably the most common form of foundation, or maybe the oldest. This is the stuff we grew up with. A lot of different foundation types can fall into this category. Tinted moisturizer is the lightest of the liquid foundation family. It is perfect for those who posses a normal skin with few flaws (most of us are totally jealous, by the way) Tinted moisturizer will give you light coverage and hydrate your skin. Liquid foundations range from this form to full coverage. If you have oily skin, the best type of foundation to buy is one with normal coverage. Normal to dry skin will benefit from full coverage foundation. Try: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Sephora Collection Hydrating Foundation, NARS Sheer Matte Foundation.

Cream To Powder Foundation: This is a foundation that could fall into two categories: liquid, or powder. So, instead of talking about it in both situations, I let it have special billing. Cream to powder foundation is pretty cool. It starts off as a liquid, but it dries to a powder and provides great coverage. It’s also great for oily skin, because it helps absorb oil and keep your skin looking matte most of the day. The great thing about cream to powder foundation is, you can skip applying powder if it’s part of your beauty routine. Try: Stila One Step Makeup, Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream-To-Powder Foundation.

Powder Foundation: Powder foundation can come in two forms: loose powder, or pressed powder. Powder foundation, pressed or loose, is great for all skin types. Most powder foundations are buildable, which means the more you apply, the more coverage you will get. It’s great for covering up flaws and evening out skin tone. Try: Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation, Sephora Collection Matifying Compact Foundation.

Mineral Foundation: Not to be confused with powder foundation, mineral foundation is sweeping this category as one of the most popular foundations on the market right now. Mineral foundations are made of all natural ingredients, that are finely ground without any chemicals, preservatives, or dyes typically used in most foundations. Known to possess some great skin care benefits, mineral makeup can also be applied to create a natural look with a sheer application, or it can give you full coverage. It’s great for all skin types, and people either love it or hate it. I used to hate it, until I learned how to use it properly, but now I love it. It gives my skin a natural finish and hides what I need it to hide. Try: Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup, Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation.

Airbrush Foundation: What is airbrush foundation? I am asked this quite a bit. It is exactly what it sounds like. It is foundation that is applied to the skin with an airbrush for a flawless, “airbrushed” finish. It’s perfect for special occasions, like weddings or pageants, but they’re so accessible now, you can use them every day. Once you learn how to apply it, it won’t take any more time that applying any of the other foundations. The only drawback: it’s an investment to start. Adding to it with refills of your foundation isn’t too expensive, but plan on spending a couple hundred dollars initially. You can also get spray foundation that comes in a can, but gives you the look of airbrush foundation. Try: Temptu, Dior Airflash Spray Makeup.

Well, there’s your Foundation Education for the day. What brand of foundation do you use? What is your favorite formulation? I look forward to your response.

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4 thoughts on “Foundation Education

  1. Julie

    I just tried airbrush makeup for the first time about a month ago for a wedding I was hired to do the makeup for. On reccomendation I tried Sally Hanson Airbrush Makeup..I thought Sally Hanson was just nail products. They have a full line of natural makeup products endorsed by Carmondy of What Not to Wear.
    Their products can only be found at Rite Aid stores. They cost around $13
    for a small can. There are only 3 shades…light,medium dark. It went on very nice and then I set it with a mineral rice powder. Very pretty finish.
    Suzanne Sommers has an airbrush make up to. I heard it is nice. It can only be purchased from her website. She has alot of shades to choose from…a little pricey at about $40 a can.

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