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Not being a big fan of the scent Jasmine, I was anxious to try the new fragrance California Star Jasmine, by my favorite fragrance line, Pacifica. I knew that even though I don’t usually gravitate towards this scent, that I was going to like it because Pacifica never disappoints me with their unique blends.

When I first received this fragrance, I wasn’t sure if the scent was going to be for me. But, I reminded myself what I tell others all the time: your body’s chemistry will change how it smells on your skin vs. how it smells in the bottle. So I sprayed some on me and I waited about 5 minutes. I decided to have fun with this experiment and sit down with a glass of wine, close my eyes, and smell my wrist where I sprayed it. Immediately, I thought of sitting on a beach at night with a fire going, listening to the sound of the ocean. Laugh if you want, but when I read Pacifica’s write-up on California Star Jasmine, the description says : “Easy to wear, with a laid-back simplicity. Think late fall beach sunsets, driftwood fire and you, wrapped in a blanket watching the waves.” Honestly, I did not read that before I came up with that vision. So, Brook Harvey-Taylor, creator of Pacifica fragrances, clearly got her message across to me with this blend.

The packaging is pretty…of course it is. All of Pacifica’s packaging is so pretty, I like to keep the boxes the products come in. I don’t know why or what for, but I can’t bring myself to throw them away because they all have beautiful artwork. In the product description it says that the art for California Star Jasmine is inspired by 1970’s California imagery from surf t-shirts. Designed to represent the carefree spirit that is imbued in this scent. It’s pink, it’s pretty, that’s good enough for me!

Like all Pacifica’s fragrances, this one is perfect alone, or for layering with another Pacifica scent. Tuscan Blood Orange is always a good one to layer with. I recently layered California Star Jasmine with Malibu Lemon Blossom and the two together made a very pretty scent. The solid perfumes are the best for layering, and don’t forget you can put them on the ends of your hair to nourish your hair and help prevent split ends.

As you all know, Pacifica just makes me happy and I am happy they came out with this new fragrance. I start every day with at least one product from this company and I get a lot of compliments on how nice they are, and they smell so good. Great job with California Star Jasmine…Bravo! Keep up the good work, Pacifica, you have a life-long customer in me and I will always recommend your products. And for anyone out there who thinks they don’t like Jasmine, you have to try this one…I have a feeling you will be convinced!

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