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I often get asked the difference between lotions. What is the difference between hand cream and foot cream? What is the difference between body lotion and hand lotion? And, the one I get asked most of all is, What is the difference between body lotion and body butter? Body lotion and body butter have one main goal in common: to moisturize your skin. It’s not rocket science (why would I write about that?!?!) Body butter is a much thicker consistency, that is great for very dry skin.

I love a good body butter, but being the Goldilocks that I am, the consistency has to be just right. I’ve tried all kinds of lotions and body butters, so I thought I would share with you which butters I think are the best, and one or two I would tell you to not even bother with making the purchase. I’ve come across some that are so thick, your skin sweats when you put it on because your pores are clogged, and I’ve come across some that are so thin in consistency, I don’t know how they ever got labeled “butter”. After all, butter is creamy and solid at room temperature, you shouldn’t be able to pour it out of the container.

Korres makes a great body butter; my favorite scent from their line of butters to try is Quince. Smells so good! It’s a little fruity, and a little spicy…much like myself! Ha ha! It’s pretty thick, but not too thick, so I wouldn’t suggest using it on your hands. You certainly can, but it will take forever to absorb. It’s better used on legs, or rough spots like elbows and knees. It’s on the pricey side: $21 for 5 oz., but I’ve seen them at Sephora as one of the Sweet Steals more than once at a great price. Keep your eyes open for a sale if you don’t want to pay too much.

I’ve written about the body butter Details Bath And Body offers in their line. It’s not too thick; it’s a whipped body butter, so it’s light in texture, but heavy on moisture. I prefer to use this on my feet and put on socks for a few hours for soft and touchable feet. Not that you are allowed to touch my feet though…ticklish!!! But, don’t run out and pick this up yet…when I was researching to put a link on here, I didn’t see body butter on the Details Bath And Body website. But, keep it in mind when you’re shopping at Walgreen’s. If you happen to see it on their shelf, give it a try, I really like it.

Did you really think I would leave out Pacifica body butter? As you all know, I adore this line of fragrance, lotion, and shower gels, and their body butter does NOT disappoint! The perfect balance of thickness and fragrance. It absorbs into your skin nicely and I really like to use it as a hand cream before I go to bed at night. A word of caution: Tuscan Blood Orange will make you want to lick your hands! Pacifica body butter now comes in a tube, instead of a tub, so it’s easy to get it on your hands without making a mess.

Looking for a great body butter that moisturizes but has no fragrance? No worries! Check out Naked Body Butter by Bliss. Another body butter that is just right on the consistency. It also comes in a tube for easy application. If you happen to feel that this body butter is just a little too thick, no worries, it now comes in a lite version that will moisturize just as well, but won’t feel as thick. More pricey than Korres, it retails between $29 and $35, so be prepared to spend some dough, but really worth it.

Two I don’t think you should waste your time, or money, on: Healing Waters Body Butter is so thin in consistency, it literally pours out of the container. It’s too thin, and it feels like it doesn’t absorb at all. I couldn’t find it online anywhere, or I would include a link, but I know it’s usually found in gift sets at holiday time. I like the rest of their line, but this is NOT a body butter. Run fast and far. Bath & Body Works has great products, but I’ve never been a fan of their body butter. WAY too thick…really, it’s the only thing in their store I won’t buy again. But, if you happen to receive it as a gift, or have it in the back of your closet somewhere, it can be used as a good foot treatment overnight with some socks. Your feet will feel very soft the next day, so it does have a silver lining.

What are your favorite body butters? I know there are so many to choose from, so I want to hear your favorites.

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