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A question that has come to me frequently over the years is this, “Is backcombing bad for your hair?”. Backcombing, or teasing, the hair has been around forever. It’s the process of combing the strands of your hair toward the scalp to create a nest of hair that adds major volume to hairstyles. If you do it right, it’s not necessarily bad for your hair. Just be more careful on hair that is chemically treated, or weak hair that has been breaking. So, while it’s not bad for your hair, the one bad thing about back combing your hair, is combing it out when you’re finished wearing the style. That’s the worst part of all!

For those of you who would like to avoid backcombing your hair, there is a cool product that will help you get the volume you want, with staying power, without all the tangles. Big Sexy Hair makes a product called What A Tease, Backcomb In A Bottle. So, what is it? Well, it’s a very firm hairspray that you spray at the roots of your hair to give you the look of a backcombed ‘do. The best way to use it is to style your hair as you normally do, then pick up sections of hair where you would backcomb and spray this product right onto the roots of your hair and let it dry. Don’t use too much, because it can feel sticky if you over use it. I know the instinct is ‘more is better’, but not with this. Also, don’t get too close, spray 6-8 inches away. Repeat this process all over your hair and you will have that “just been teased” look.

I know I went straight to the styling product in this line, but it’s their best product, so I wanted to talk about that first. Generally, I’m a fan of mixing up my product lines. But, when I want big hair, I go ahead and use everything in this line. Like most brands, this line-up is designed to work together to give you the best results. Big Volume shampoo is good for all hair types, it will hold in moisture, add volume (it better with the name of the line!) and it has the added ingredients to help protect hair color. Big Volume Conditioner complements the shampoo nicely. It’s a light-weight conditioner that detangles, de-frizzes and adds moisture.

If your hair is very heavy and thick, the styling product to use in this line is the Hair Root Pump Plus Volumizing Mousse. If your hair is fine to normal, you’ll want to use the Volumizing Blow Dry Gel. It maximizes volume and gives your hair so much body and movement. Use both of these products on damp hair and blow dry like you normally do.

I’ve already suggested the finishing product in this line, but there are other hairsprays Big Sexy Hair has to offer that do a great job, too. Maybe you want major fullness and not the look of a bump-it. No problem. Flip It Over Full & Wild Spray is a great product to give you extra volume and movement, and it will hold your style in place all day.

This whole line is so much fun and it will give you great results. I’ve been using it for years and it’s one of my go-to brands when I need a little change in my style. Check out to find out where you can purchase Big Sexy Hair. It is a little on the pricey side, but if you’re already buying professional salon products, the sticker won’t shock you.

Have you tried Big Sexy Hair products? What do you think of them? What are your favorite products to give your hair extra volume, or a backcombed look? Email me your questions for Q&A Monday at

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