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Not long ago, I wrote an article on how to give yourself The Perfect Pedicure. While the feedback was positive from my readers, I had some questions that went along with what I had written. My readers understood the steps I was talking about, but they wanted to know exactly how the tools I wrote about were supposed to be used, and where to find them. It’s pretty easy to find the tools you need for a home pedicure, and I am more than happy to point you in the right direction and tell you what you’re looking for, where to look for it, and why you need to use it.

Nail files are essential for any nail service. You can find them just about everywhere, but I like to buy my pedicure tools at my one-stop-shop…Sally Beauty Supply. You can find every nail file you can imagine at Sally’s. For those of you who prefer a crystal file, they can be found at Sally’s, but I prefer to use an old-school emery board for natural nails, and those are abundant at Sally’s. Ok, nail files are a no-brainer, but what about all the other tools?

Cuticle removers and cuticle pushers. Most cuticle removers don’t actually remove the cuticle from the nail. They do help with removing dry residue that adheres to the nail, but they’re not going to just take off the cuticle. Cuticle removers are often in a gel, or cream, that you apply to the base of your nail and they soften the cuticle so they can easily be pushed back and easier to trim with nippers. A cuticle pusher is a straight tool that is either metal and curved to fit to your nail, or it’s a plastic wand with an angled rubber tip that you literally push the cuticle with. Why? Well, since the cuticle remover has softened up this hard skin, you need to push it back so it’s off the nail and easy to cut.

Trimming the skin at the base of your nails (the cuticle) can be tricky. But, if you use the products I just mentioned, it will go pretty smooth. If you are serious about doing your own pedicures at home, you need to invest in a good pair of nippers. Yes, you can buy cheap ones, but if you’re performing this little task on yourself, it’s a wise decision to spend a little extra and get some really smooth nippers. Nippers look like a pair of needle nose pliers with a very short, sharp tip. Tweezerman makes a great set of nippers that stay smooth for a very long time and get those cuticles without pulling on the skin. (ouch!) Only trim away the skin that is totally detached from the nail. Don’t get the tool directly on top of your skin to guide it. This will result in cutting into your finger and that’s hurts like a *&$%#!!!!

What the heck is a pumice stone? A pumice stone is a porous stone that will buff away dry, dead skin on your feet and help reduce calluses. The best way to use a pumice stone is to get your foot wet and then work the pumice stone in circular motions over rough spots on your foot. A cool new gadget to try in place of a pumice stone is the Pedi-Egg. The cool thing about the Pedi-Egg is you have to do it when your feet are dry, so if you don’t have time for a full home pedicure, you can use this on your feet to soften up the rough spots. It has tiny files on it to smooth down the skin, and a cover that traps the icky stuff you’re shaving off.

Ah, the mystery of the toe spacer! I think toe spacers are a must-have for every pedicure, unless you’re not polishing your nails. I know it’s probably for sanitary reasons, but most spas and salons have their technicians weave tissue between your toes to separate the toes for applying polish, and I just don’t think that works good enough. The purpose of the toe spacer is just that, to space the toes. In case you’re wondering how to find these on your own, the only thing I can tell you is they look like spongy brass knuckles. If that isn’t a good enough visual for you, ask around, they’re easy to find. It will be much easier to apply your polish if you have toe spacers, because they separate the toes just enough that you can fully apply polish. If you don’t do your own pedicure, I still suggest getting some of these and taking them with you when you go to your spa or salon. Weaving tissue between the toes just doesn’t cut it.

As always, find a good lotion for your feet to make them soft and smooth. I love the Coconut Foot Creme by Burt’s Bees. Finding a good foot cream is pretty self-explanatory, but if you want really smooth feet, put on socks after you apply the cream and let it absorb overnight. The results are awesome!

I hope I’ve explained the tools properly, so now you know what they are, why you use them and where to look for them. Let me know if I missed anything and I’m happy to explain that as well!

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