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With so many guidelines to follow now when we travel, it can be overwhelming when we’re purchasing items to take on our trip. Whether it’s a business trip, or a vacation (lucky!), the same rules apply. Nothing larger than 3 oz. can be in your carry-on bag. The airlines have reasons for these guidelines and companies are stepping up and creating travel-sized products that are airline approved. Since nobody wants to get their products confiscated at the security check, it’s a good idea to find out what’s out there and have a plan. By the way, if security tried to take my product from me I would cancel my flight…swear to God! Or, maybe I would have a self-addressed, postage paid box with me so they could mail it back. Not fair that they can take it. Ok, back to the subject at hand.

I love Philosophy products, and one of my all time favorite cleansers by this brand comes in a cute little bottle perfect for travel! Purity Made Simple is one of the best cleansers I have ever used. It is great for all skin types, it removes makeup, and it gets your skin good and clean. So, not only is the size great for travel, but with the benefit of it melting your makeup away, you can skip bringing a makeup remover with you on your trip. Even better news about this product? It now comes in a cleansing cloth! Yes, those convenient wipes you see in drug stores are now available in Purity! People are so excited about this because it gives them their favorite cleanser by Philosophy, and it comes in a fuss-free wipe. No worries about leaks or spills.

Also by Philosophy, great travel-friendly moisturizers! Just like Purity is a favorite of mine, Hope In A Jar is an amazing moisturizer that I have loved for years. You have a few choices with Hope In A Jar. It comes in the universal formula perfect for all skin types, a formula for sensitive skin, and an oil-free with SPF 30. I like the original, and I just recently fell in love with the oil-free version with SPF 30. Love the high sun protection you get with it, and unlike most oil-free moisturizers that leave you greasy at the end of the day, this one does not. Most people I know like to stay within one line when it comes to skin care. Philosophy lets you stay true to your brand and take it on a plane. Good stuff!

Ok, we’ve determined I really like products by Philosophy! What about hair products? A lot of hotels have really stepped up and added great shampoo lines to their toiletries they offer in the room, but a lot of them still use the worst shampoo and conditioner in the world! If I’m going to travel, I want my every day hair care with me. I love trying new products, but I tend to gravitate back to my old-school shampoo and conditioner. Paul Mitchell and Biolage have great every day hair products. Check out their websites, and to find out where they are sold near you. Both of these lines also carry styling products in travel size, so you won’t have to sacrifice good hair days on your trip.

Don’t want to leave your tried and true products behind when you travel? No problem, just pick up some empty travel size containers and fill them with your favorite products. You can find them at The Container Store, among other places.  Just make sure, whether you purchase travel sized products, or you fill your own containers, that you take it one step further and seal them in a plastic bag in case they leak. Unless you’re using the Purity Cleansing Cloths, then you won’t have to worry about that.

What products do you take with you when you travel? Do you fill your own containers, or do you have certain brands you swear by? As always, I look forward to your comments.

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2 thoughts on “Travel Friendly Products

  1. Debbie B

    I couldn’t agree more when it comes to Philosophy. Love it, Love it, Love it! I have always liked Bumble & Bumble hair products. They are always available in small ‘travel’ bottles. The gentle shampoo & super rich conditoner are unmatched in the hair product industry. And the smell will knock your robe off!
    Love your blog-I’m a religious ‘everyday’ reader. It’s better that the morning coffee!!!

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